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Postgraduate Exams Papers 2012-2013

Postgraduate Papers from other years

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If you cannot find the paper you are looking for here then please try the university's past exam paper repository.

The purpose of examinations is to assess candidates' understanding of the Course Unit material. To prepare for the examination, therefore, candidates should concentrate their efforts on studying the subject being examined, and not on anticipating detailed practices likely to be employed when awarding marks. For this reason, Department policy is that marking schemes (also known as 'model answers') for examinations are not published.

To prepare for an examination, all that is required - beyond basic examination technique - is a thorough understanding of the material in question.

Postgraduate feedback archive

Prior to semester two 2012/13 feeedback was often presented in a single document for a year rather than by unit. To ascertain a full set of feedback please use the documents listed here in conjunction with the individual course unit feedback listed below.

COMP60332 Automated Reasoning and Verification (2012-2013)

COMP60342 Optimization for learning, planning and problem-solving (2012-2013)

COMP60411 Semi-structured Data and the Web (2012-2013)

COMP60421 Ontology Engineering for the Semantic Web (2012-2013)

COMP60611 Parallel Programs and their Performance (2012-2013)

COMP60621 Designing for Parallelism and Future Multi-core Computing (2012-2013)

COMP60711 Data Engineering (2012-2013)

COMP60721 IT Governance (2012-2013)

COMP60731 Advanced Database Management Systems (2012-2013)

COMP61011 Foundations of Machine Learning (2012-2013)

COMP61021 Modelling and visualization of high-dimensional data (2012-2013)

COMP61232 Mobile Systems (2012-2013)

COMP61242 Mobile Communications (2012-2013)

COMP61332 Text Mining (2012-2013)

COMP61342 Computer Vision (2012-2013)

COMP61411 Cryptography (2012-2013)

COMP61421 Computer and Network Security (2012-2013)

COMP61511 Software Engineering Overview (2012-2013)

COMP61521 Component-based Software Development (2012-2013)

COMP61532 Pattern-based Software Development (2012-2013)

COMP61542 Agile and Test-Driven Development (2012-2013)