COMP80142 Academic Writing and Impact Studies

Jon Shapiro and Joshua Knowles

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Course description

Follow this link for the course unit description and syllabus.


Locations and times

12pm-1pm on Mondays and Wednesdays from March 10th.
Location: 2.19.

Please see below for the session schedule and key dates as well as the group assignment.


You will all

Your first task

Your first task will be to submit a draft of your written piece. The deadline is

Mon 7th April 2014
We advise that you decide quickly what type of paper you wish to write and start writing. Do discuss this with your supervisor.

Note: There will be a 10% deduction for every three days the draft is late.

The written piece

The short paper you have to write should be one of the following:

The paper should be 5 pages long without references. It should include

Here are some suggestions of what to include:


100% coursework, 0% exam

Session schedule and key dates 2013-2014

Session schedule and key dates 2013-2014

Mon 10 Mar  Welcome: Introduction and Overview (JLS) [ Slides] 

Wed 12 Mar  Paper mechanics: genre, venue, purpose, audience,
                    prose style, organisation (JDK) [ Slides] 

Mon 17 Mar  Process of writing, organisation, initial impact (JLS) [ Slides]

Wed 19 Mar  Understanding and presenting impact (JDK) [ Slides ]

Mon 24 Mar  Presenting algorithms and mathematics (JLS) [ Slides ][Homework Problem]

Wed 26 Mar  Peer review (JDK) [ Slides ] 

Mon 31 Mar  Presenting experimental results (JLS) [ Slides ]

Wed 02 Apr  Ethical aspects (JDK) [ Slides ]

*** Easter Break ***
April 7 DRAFT Versions Due in Blackboard - Reviewing process begins

April 23 Review copy due X1 and X2
*** End of Easter Break ***

Mon 28 Apr  Revising your paper (JLS)  [ Slides ][ Sample Paper ] [ Fictional Referee Reports for Sample Paper ]

Wed 30 Apr  Review session 1

   Reviewed  X1 and X2
   Chair     X3 and X4
   Review copy due X3 and X4
   Blackboard reviewing and discussion

Mon 05 May No lecture (Bank Holiday)

Wed 07 May Review session 2

   Reviewed  X3 and X4
   Chair     X6 and X5
   Review copy due X5 and X6
   Blackboard reviewing and discussion

Wed 14 May Review session 3

   Reviewed  X5 and X6
   Chair     X2 and X1

Wed 21 May  No class

   Revised version & responses to reviews due by everyone to
   Blackboard reviewing 21 May-4 Jun

Wed  4 Jun  No class

   Reviews of revised papers due by everyone to Blackboard
   Blackboard discussion 22 May-19 Jun

Wed 18 Jun  No class - End of discussions and the course

Group assignment

The groups have been assigned as follows.
Name                          Grp

Bernanrd D'Antras             A1
Peizhi Shi                    A2
Fahad Albogamy                A3 
Sultan Alkhliwi               A4
Yassar Almutairi              A5
Riyadh Almutiry               A6
Robert Andrew                 B1
Harits Ar Rosyid              B2
Timothy Belfield              B3
Colin Caine                   B4 
Vasileios Christou            B5
James Clarkson                B6 
Julio Cortes Rios             C1
Jack Duffy                    C2
Iliada Eleftheriou            C3
Xiao Fu                       C4  
Ruth Stoney                   C5 
Duncan Goudie                 C6
Bogdan Grigore                D1
Junyi Han                     D2 
Jose Hernandez Dominguez      D3
Valentino Hudra               D4
Luke Street                   D5 
Charalampos Kalargaris        D6
James Knight                  E1 
Qian Wang                     E2
Qian Liu                      E3 
Zixu Liu                      E4 
Zeqian Meng                   E5
Nikola Milosevic              E6
Jack Warren                   F1
Kody Moodley                  F2 
Marius Tudor Morar            F3
Fabio Zennaro                 F4 
Sarah Nogueira                F5
Josh Nolan                    F6 
Onome Onokpachere             G1
Yizheng Zhao                  G2
Andrei Rodchenko              G3
Gabriel Sanchez Bautisata     G4
Viachaslau Sazonau            G5
Mohammed Sharif               G6
Ayoade Adeniyi		      H1
Ziyad Gideir                  H2
Abdul Hummaida		      H3
Grzegorz Kozikowski	      H4
Yuanhan Mo		      H5
Julia Mueller		      H6
Fabrizio Principato	      H7



Domain specific:


Of Further Interest:

Concerning Research and Surviving a PhD