COMP80122 Fundamental Aspects of Research Methodology:
Communicating Your Research

Carole Goble and Uli Sattler

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Course description

This is the web site for COMP80122, a course unit for all PGR students (PhD, CDT, MPhil, and MRes) of the University of Manchester's School of Computer Science.

Follow this link for the course unit description and syllabus.


The course unit is taught by Carole Goble and Uli Sattler. It will be run mostly in Period 3, but involves an assignment related to the Research Symposium.

Locations and times

We will meet,

Please see below for the session schedule and key dates as well as the coursework.


To pass this course unit, you have to successfully complete 3 assignments:

  1. attend the school's Research Symposium and write critiques of 10 presentations (see these slides for the Template for the critiques, and please submit them before the end of November 2016 via easychair),
  2. give a 15 minute presentation about your research project, with suitable slides and storyline, and being suitably prepared,
  3. attend your fellow students' presentations and contribute to the discussions of these presentations.


100% coursework, 0% exam

Session schedule and key dates 2016-2017

Most of this is still to be determined!