COMP80142 Academic Writing and Impact Studies

Jon Shapiro and Bijan Parsia 2016 – 2017

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Course description

Follow this link for the course unit description and syllabus.


Locations and times

Location: Monday, 12–13, IT 407.

Location: Wednesdays, 12–13, Kilburn 2.19.

Please see below for the session schedule and key dates as well as the group assignment.


You will all

Your first task

Your first task will be to submit a draft of your written piece. The deadline is

Fri 31 March, 2017
We advise that you decide quickly what type of paper you wish to write and start writing. Do discuss this with your supervisor.

The written piece

The short paper you have to write should be one of the following:

The paper should be 5 pages long without references. It should include

Here are some suggestions of what to include:


100% coursework, 0% exam

Session schedule and key dates 2016–2017

Session schedule and key dates 2016–2017

Mo 13 Mar  Welcome: Introduction and Overview (JS) [Slides]

We 15 Mar  Paper mechanics: genre, venue, purpose, audience
                            prose style, organisation (BP) [Slides] 

Mo 20 Mar  

We 22 Mar  Follow up (BP)

Mo 27 Mar Presenting mathematics and algorithms (JLS)

We 29 Mar  The Reviewing process (JLS)

Fri 31 March Draft due by everyone to Blackboard

*** Easter break ***

Mo 3 April – Fri 21 April  No classes - Easter break

   Start reviewing and discussing papers via Blackboard

*** Easter break ends ***

Mon 24 Apr  Review session 1

   Reviewed  X1 and X2
   Chair     X2 and X3
   Paper due X3 and X4
   Blackboard reviewing and discussion 24–28 Apr

We 26 Apr Presenting experimental results (BP) 

Mon 1 May Bank Holiday, no class

We 3 May  Review session 2

   Reviewed  X3 and X4
   Chair     X4 and X5
   Paper due X5 and X6
   Blackboard reviewing and discussion 3 May – 8 May

Mon 8 May  Review session 3

   Reviewed  X5 and X6
   Chair     X6 and X1

We 12 May  Wrap up — How to achieve impact

Fri 12 May

   Reviews of revised papers due by everyone to Blackboard
   Blackboard discussion 8 May - 12 May

Group assignment

The groups have been assigned as yet.
Group         Name 



Domain specific:

Examples of very well-written computer science papers

These have been moved to the School wiki. Feel free to add examples which you find.


Of Further Interest:

Concerning Research and Surviving a PhD

Alternative Format Theses

An alternative format thesis presents its content in the form of a collection of units suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed journal or conference. The 'papers' do not have to be published or even submitted.
PhD Course Unit Material
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