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PGT course unit list (2014-2015)

Welcome week units

Taught units

COMP60421Ontology Engineering for the Semantic WebSyllabus
(49 students)
COMP60411Semi-structured Data and the WebSyllabus
(60 students)
COMP60542Introduction to Health InformaticsSyllabus
(44 students)
COMP60532Principles of Digital BiologySyllabus
(58 students)
COMP60721IT GovernanceSyllabus
(68 students)
COMP60711Data EngineeringSyllabus
(101 students)
COMP61021Modelling and visualization of high-dimensional dataSyllabus
(41 students)
COMP61011Foundations of Machine LearningSyllabus
(67 students)
COMP61342Computer VisionSyllabus
(17 students)
COMP61332Text MiningSyllabus
(38 students)
COMP60731Advanced Database Management SystemsSyllabus
(40 students)
COMP61242Mobile CommunicationsSyllabus
(31 students)
COMP61232Mobile SystemsSyllabus
(31 students)
COMP60611Parallel Programs and their PerformanceSyllabus
(30 students)
COMP60621Designing for Parallelism and Future Multi-core ComputingSyllabus
(26 students)
COMP60342Optimization for learning, planning and problem-solvingSyllabus
(26 students)
COMP60332Automated Reasoning and VerificationSyllabus
(34 students)
(70 students)
COMP61421Computer and Network SecuritySyllabus
(73 students)
COMP61511Software Engineering OverviewSyllabus
(48 students)
COMP61521Component-based Software DevelopmentSyllabus
(68 students)
COMP61532Pattern-based Software DevelopmentSyllabus
(38 students)
COMP61542Agile and Test-Driven DevelopmentSyllabus
(60 students)
BMAN60111IS Strategy and Enterprise SystemsSyllabus
(44 students)
MCEL40021Entrepreneurial Commercialisation of KnowledgeSyllabus
(42 students)
BMAN73271Decision Behaviour, Analysis and SupportSyllabus
(34 students)
BMAN71641Social Media and Web AnalyticsSyllabus
(6 students)
BMAN71652Information and Knowledge ManagementSyllabus
(33 students)
MCEL40042Business Feasibility StudySyllabus
(29 students)
BMAN60422Data Analytics for Business Decision MakingSyllabus
(20 students)
BMAN60092Risk, Performance and Decision AnalysisSyllabus
(8 students)
BMAN70142Simulation and Risk AnalysisSyllabus
(3 students)
COMP60990Research Methods and Professional SkillsSyllabus
(193 students)