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COMP70100 Programming in C syllabus 2018-2019

COMP70100 Programming in C

Level 7
Credits: 15
Enrolled students: pending

Course lecturer: not assignedAdditional staff: view all staff

Additional requirements

  • Pre-requisites

    The only formal prerequisite is basic computer literacy. However, the course is designed for people with a good general education (e.g. a degree or good 'A' levels). The ability to think logically and solve abstract problems is a prerequisite for computer programming in any language.

    This module is entirely web-based and therefore a reliable internet connection is essential.

Assessment methods

  • 100% Coursework


This course unit provides an introduction to the data and methods for Next Generation Sequence analysis. It covers :

  • This course is designed to develop the skills required to enable participants to write programs using the C Programming Language. It will run entirely on the Web, using a Virtual Learning Environment and a specifically developed Computer Based Training Package.


IntroductionWhat is C? Basics of program writing.
Information representationVariables, data types, memory allocation, pointers, strings, arrays and structures.
Control flowExpressions, control statements.
Program structuringFunctions headers, independent compilation and variable scope.
Input and Output (I/O)Character streams, standard input/output and file input/output.
Design techniques and modularisationThe role of design in the development of solutions to problems. Top down structured design. Modular design including the use of separate compilation facilities for C.
Algorithms and dynamic data structuresAn outline will be given of the role of standard algorithms and dynamic data structures (linked lists, trees, recursion).
Advanced I/O (optional material)Input and output buffering and miscellaneous input and output functions.

Teaching methods

All the course materials are provided within the Moodle virtual learning environment (VLE). The tools provided will allow you to navigate and search through the course textbook, practical exercises and references to other useful texts and URLs. The course textbook is provided as a set of web pages. It will be used to provide the necessary background to the focus of the course, which is problem-based learning.

You will interact with the members of the course team, and with other learners, through course bulletin boards. Our students and graduates can use the programme bulletin boards after a course has ended, so we now have a large and supportive online community.

Feedback methods

This course is delivered through the Moodle Learning Environment operated by the APEcs unit. Extensive feedback is provided to students in response to formative and summative assessments within the system.

Study hours

Employability skills

  • Analytical skills
  • Project management
  • Problem solving

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes are unknown for COMP70100.

Reading list

COMP70100 does not have a specified reading list.