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Learning Outcome Descriptions

A Knowledge and Understanding

A.1 - (At all levels) Acquire a knowledge of a range of advanced topics in Computer Science beyond undergraduate level and at the forefront of research
A.2 - (At all levels) Understand, apply and develop leading-edge technologies in two of the following themes: Advanced Web Technologies, Computational Biology, Concurrency, Data Management, Health Informatics, Learning from Data, Logic and Automated Reasoning, Management, Mobile Computing, Text Mining, Security, Software Engineering, Visual Computing
A.3 - (MSc & PG Diploma) Have a knowledge & understanding of research methodology & practice

B Intellectual Skills

B.1 - Develop and evaluate original ideas in a research context (MSc and PG Diploma levels only)
B.2 - Use methodologies for development of computational systems at an advanced level (All)
B.3 - Perform problem-solving in academic and industrial environments (All)

C Practical Skills

C.1 - Develop applications to satisfy given requirements
C.2 - Organise & pursue a scientific or industrial research project (MSc and PG Diploma only)
C.3 - Use, manipulate and develop large computational systems
C.4 - Perform independent information acquisition and management

D Transferable Skills and Personal Qualities

D.1 - Work and communicate effectively as a team member
D.2 - Prepare and present seminars to a professional standard (MSc level only)
D.3 - Understand ethical issues related to professional activities
D.4 - Write theses and reports to a professional standard (MSc and PG Diploma)
D.5 - Perform independent and efficient time-management

G Generic reference to outcome group

G.1 - Knowledge and Understanding
G.2 - Intellectual Skills
G.3 - Practical Skills
G.4 - Transferable Skills and Personal Qualities
G.5 - Not specified