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COMP27912: Career and Professional Development (wIE students only) (2007-2008)

This is an archived syllabus from 2007-2008

Career and Professional Development (wIE students only)
Level: 2
Pre-requisites: No Pre-requisites
Co-requisites: No Co-requisites
Lectures: 4
Lecturers: Alex Walker
Course lecturer: Alex Walker

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Sem 2 w22-25 Lecture IT407 Fri 14:00 - 16:00 -




To introduce students to key career management skills which will contribute to their future career success.
To help students to search for and secure industrial/summer placement opportunities.
To raise awareness of the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the recruitment process.
To give students direct contact with real employers and recruiters.

Academic knowledge

Focus on getting the job or placement they want, by:
Describe key Careers Service activities that can introduce students to employers.
Define what Service is available from Student Workplace.
Recognise the variety of different job search tactics and assessing their relevance to own situation.
Describe what employers want in a application form or CV.
Evaluate what makes a good and bad CV/job application.
Determine why employers use Interviews/selection Centres.
Evaluate different selection techniques.
Recognise the essential preparation needed for Interviews/Selection Centres.
Practise a team activity that is typical of an assessment centre.


Workshop 1: The IT Job market/ Tactics for finding work

An introductory workshop focusing on the following areas:
The IT jobs market.
What employers look for when recruiting graduates/computer scientists.
Strategies for finding a placement. Role of WorkPlace etc.
Networking and other job search strategies, including mentoring.
Making the best use of fairs, employer presentations and events.

Workshop 2: Effective Applications

Preparing an application form.
What employers are looking for.
Putting together an effective CV and covering letter.
Application forms: standard, employer and online.

Workshop 3: Interviews and Selection Centres

Why employers use them, what they look for and how to do well at them.
Interviews: essential preparation, tackling difficult questions, making a positive impression.
Different selection methods: psychometric tests, group exercises, presentations, technical tests, case studies

Workshop 4 Teamworking

A session designed to help students in preparing for assessment centres and also for team working as part of their industrial placement and coursework:
Theory of teamwork - Belbin.
Practical team problem-solving.