COMP25212 - System Architecture
Materials for Feb-May 2014

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Dr. Sergio Davies
Dr. Javier Navaridas (course leader)

Recommended textbook

DA Patterson, JL Hennessy. Computer Organization and Design. The Hardware/Software Interface, Morgan Kaufmann


Exam (80%) + Labs (20%)

Lecture Handouts (ppt and pdf)


Caches 01, 02, 03, 04
Storage 01, 02, 03
    - A visualization of Hard Disk Drive components and operation.
Virtualization 01, 02, 03


Pipelines PDF
Pipelining examples PDF
Out of Order Pipelines PDF (Lecture 1, Lecture 2)
    - A java applet simulating a Tomasulo pipeline can be found here
Multithreading PDF
    - A couple of background articles to read on hyperthreading:
      first, an Intel Technical Journal special issue on hyperthreading
      and the original 1997 paper on simultaneous multithreading.
Multicore PDF
State-of-the-art systems PDF

Laboratory Scripts (pdf)

Lab Script expt. 1 1 session
Lab Script expts. 2 & 3 2 + 1 sessions
Lab Script expt. 4

Past Exams