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This is an archived syllabus from 2015-2016

COMP29220 Cognitive Neuroscience, Perception, Action, and Communication syllabus 2015-2016

COMP29220 Cognitive Neuroscience, Perception, Action, and Communication

Level 2
Credits: 20
Enrolled students: 3

Course leader: Simon Harper

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  • Pre-Requisite (Compulsory): COMP19120

Additional requirements

  • COMP29220 - Students can only register on this unit if they are on the HCI programme and have completed COMP19120

Assessment methods

  • 100% Written exam
Sem 1 w1-5,7-12 Lecture Stopford TH 1 Thu 15:30 - 17:00 -
Sem 2 w19-25,29-33 Lecture Simon TH B Thu 09:00 - 10:30 -
Sem 2 w19-25,29-31,33 Lecture Stopford TH 1 Mon 11:30 - 13:00 -


This unit builds upon the topics introduced in the First Year; students will be expected to be familiar with basic ideas and concepts as covered in COMP19120.

The unit will introduce students to advanced neuro-anatomy and key concepts in the cognitive neuroscience of learning, memory, attention and executive function. Building on the basic knowledge students acquired of these topics in year 1, students will become familiar with more advanced topics in cognition and their multidisciplinary investigation through behavioural, computational, neuropsychological and neuroimaging tools.

Further, we will detail advanced theories of visual perception and discuss more complex perception, for example the perception of complex motion, 3D perception; object recognition, multisensory perception; perceiving reflections and shadows, ecological perception, perception of art, event perception, time perception, space perception and face perception. Finally, a number of advanced topics in the psychology of language and communication including: embodied cognition; signing; discourse processing; bilingualism; and aphasic subtypes will be covered.


This Unit is an Umbrella Unit for 3 PSYC part-units and comprises Lectures and Exam Assessments only for PSYC21022, PSYC21012, and PSYC21041.

The unit aims to introduce students to advanced concepts in cognitive neuroscience, advanced concepts in perception and action, and to current issues in the psychological study of language and communication; providing students with approaches to language comprehension and representation based on embodied cognition. Students will further develop analytical and critical thinking skills.


In Semester 1, students will advance their study of the field of language and communication from an inter-disciplinary perspective. And will cover language and communication methodologies, dialogue, word processing and lexical ambiguity resolution, parsing, discourse processing, anaphoric processing, reading, and gesture.

In Semester 2, students will advance their study of the field of Cognitive Neuroscience and action and perception from an inter-disciplinary perspective. And will cover Cognitive Neuroscience methodologies, along with aspects of the spatial, numerate, hearing, speaking, reading, remembering, social and emotional brain. Further we will introduce theories of visual perception, spatial vision, colour and lightness constancy. Finally, we will cover motion and depth perception, object and face recognition, multisensory perception human action, and perception of those actions.

COMP29220 is assessed by three examinations.  All components must be passed in order to pass the course unit. 

Feedback methods

Feedback will be provided after examinations.

Study hours

  • Assessment written exam (3.5 hours)
  • Lectures (54 hours)

Employability skills

  • Analytical skills
  • Innovation/creativity
  • Oral communication
  • Research
  • Other

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes are unknown for COMP29220.

Reading list

Introduction to psycholinguistics: understanding language scienceTraxler, Matthew J.9781405198622Wiley-Blackwell2012
Visual perception: physiology, psychology and ecology (4th edition)Bruce, Vicki and Patrick R. Green and Mark A. Georgeson9781841692388Psychology Press2003
Student's guide to cognitive neuroscience (2nd edition)Ward, Jamie9781848720039Psychology Press2010
Cognitive psychology: a student's handbook (6th edition)Eysenck, Michael W. and Mark T. Keane9781841695402Psychology Press2010