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Information for Prospective PASS Leaders

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to be a PASS leader?

Anyone who will be studying as an undergraduate within the school in the coming academic session can volunteer to be a PASS leader.

How do I volunteer to be a PASS leader?

We start to take volunteers for PASS after the Easter break of each academic year, up until the end of the exam period. During this period, we publish information saying how you can register your interest in the scheme.

How are PASS leaders selected?

We try to recruit between 40 and 50 PASS leaders each year. Since it is usually the case that many more people than this volunteer for PASS, we use examination results to select who we will offer the places to. We look for a good overall exam performance.

How will I know whether I have been accepted as a PASS leader?

We will write to you over the summer (by post and e-mail) to let you know whether you have been offered a place as a PASS leader or not. We'll also send you more details about the scheme, so you can think about whether you want to accept the offer or not. If you do want to be a PASS leader, you must return a form to us, confirming your intention to take up the place.

If you volunteer for the scheme, you should make sure that we have the correct address on our records for contacting you out of term time. If we send your offer letter to the wrong address and you cannot confirm in time, then your place may be given to someone else. So it is worthwhile making sure that we have up-to-date address and e-mail details for you before you leave for the summer vacation.

If I am not accepted as a PASS leader in this academic session, can I try again in future years?

Absolutely. In some years there are more volunteers, and therefore more competition for places, than in others. And, if your exam results have improved then you will also stand a better chance of getting a place.

I'm on an industrial placement during the coming academic session. Can I volunteer now for next year?

Sorry, you'll have to wait until the following academic year when you resume your studies. In May of your placement year, you'll be able to use the online application form to register your interest, just like everyone else.

If you have further questions about the scheme, please contact Andrea Schalk