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Welcome Week Activities


The first week starting on Monday 16th September is known as Welcome Week (used to be called Fresher's Week).

During Welcome Week there will be a number of activities (introductory laboratories, induction sessions and free buffet) scheduled so that you can learn something about the various aspects of life whilst you are studying in the Department. It is important that you attend all these sessions.

The 1st Year Welcome Guide provides information about introductory activities. Copies of the guide will be distributed during Welcome Week.

The 1st Year Information Guide summarises key information from the handbook.

On this page you can find information on:

Formal teaching starts on Monday 23rd September. Your teaching timetable depends upon your degree programme and laboratory/tutorial group. To print a copy of your timetable, make sure you click the "Printable Timetable" button in the top to open of printer-friendly version suitable for printing.

There are a range of activities and events run by the University, the Students' Union, and societies before and during Welcome Week, further details can be found at the Manchester Welcome website. In particular, campus tours and city bus tours.

Join us on the Department Undergraduate Facebook Group.

Settling in to University

We know that coming to University is an exciting time, but is also a time of great change. This can mean it's sometimes difficult to settle in. The University Student Support team have provided some resources on settling in that may be helpful.

Welcome Week Checklist

Run through the following checklist to make sure you've prepared for the start of your studies:

  • Have you completed the university online registration? (see the advice for new students for help and advice)
  • Have you picked up your student ID card? (see the advice for new students for help and advice)
  • Do you have your Welcome Week timetable?
  • Have you completed the department registration? (one of the Department Welcome Week activities)
  • Do you have your teaching timetable?
  • Do you know who your personal tutor is? (you will find out during Welcome Week)
  • Do you have a copy of the undergraduate handbook?
  • Have you selected any optional course units? (see the advice for new students for help and advice)
  • Have you tried to log in to a Department lab machine using your University id/password?
  • Have you tried to log in to Blackboard?

Welcome Week Timetable

Your activities during Welcome Week depend on your degree program.

The degree programmes we offer are as follows:

  • Computer Science {+MEng and +wIE} (CS)
  • Artificial Intelligence {+MEng and +wIE} (AI)
  • Software Engineering {+MEng and +wIE} (SE)
  • Computer Science & Mathematics {+wIE} (CM)
  • Computer Systems Engineering {+MEng and +wIE} (CSE)
  • Computer Science (Human Computer Interaction) {+wIE} (HCI)

(+MEng - 4 year MEng programme, +wIE - 4 year with industrial experience programme)

All the activities listed highlight who should attend that particular activity — attendance at these sessions is mandatory.

  • All students must attend the activities identified by “All Students” (highlighted in yellow).
  • Computer Science and Maths students have additional activities arranged by the Department of Mathematics identified as “CM Students” (highlighted in green).
  • On the Wednesday of Welcome Week the laboratory and tutorial groups will be announced - you will remain in these groups throughout your first year. Activities on Thursday and Friday (highlighted in red) will be arranged by tutorial group (Y1, M2, Z4, W3, X5 etc).

Welcome Week Activities

Some of the Welcome Week activities include:

Introductory Laboratory

During this session you will log in to a Department computer for the first time. It is important that you attend this session so that we know you are here and that your accounts are set up correctly. Lab scripts will be handed out during the scheduled labs.

Department Registration

The Department registration process is separate from the online University registration.

If you have successfully completed the University registration process then you can collect you library swipecard (details can be found in the advice for new students).

Meet your Tutor Buffet

You and your tutorial group will meet your tutor and have a free lunch on us!

COMP10120 Group Activity

Throughout the year a proportion of your work will be performed in small tutorial groups (7 or 8 students), this will be the first time you get together as a group.

Introductory Laboratory 1

You will use linux (our preferred operating system), maybe for the first time. Lab scripts will be handed out during the scheduled labs.

Sustainability Lecture

While Alice Larkin is our Head of School of Engineering, she is also an active researcher and Professor in climate science and energy policy. During Welcome Week, she will be giving a lecture on based on her research entitled 'Future challenges in engineering'. She will outline some of the problems posed by climate change, drawing on her own research on carbon budgets and energy systems. She will then go onto consider some of the areas where engineers are much needed to both reverse the trend in growing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as redesign and retrofit infrastructure to cope with the impacts of climate change. The talk is aimed at our incoming Engineering School students across our departments of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Analytical Sciences, Computer Science and Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

Tickets available from EventBrite

Laboratory/Tutorial Groups

You will be split into laboratory groups depending upon your degree programme, these are identified by a letter:

  • CS, SE, AI, CSE, HCI: W, X, Y and Z
  • CM: M

You will also be assigned a tutor and tutorial group, which is identified by your laboratory group and a number based on your lab group, i.e. X3, M3 etc (HCI students will be assigned a tutorial group in Z). Tutorials are held weekly in groups of approximately six students in your tutors office. For the majority of your time, the tutorials will concentrate on the group project (COMP10120).

You will meet the rest of your tutorial group in the COMP10120 group activity sessions later in Welcome Week. The tutorial group list will be made available on the Wednesday of Welcome Week.

Where to find your teaching timetable

You can find your teaching timetable on the Department timetable pages. In order to access the correct timetable you will need to know your lab group (which depends on your degree programme). You will find out your lab group on Wednesday the 25th of September. Once you know your group, look for it in the Year 1 list and select [Sem1], this will open your timetable for the first semester. The timetables themselves are self explanatory, [A] refers to Week A only, [B] refers to Week B only and [wk2+] means from Week 2 onwards. In order to print a copy of your timetable select the "Printable Timetable" button in the top left hand side of the timetable, this should open a printer friendly version of your timetable. Then simply print the window.

General Help during Welcome Week

General help is available throughout Welcome week.

Help Desk

There is a ‘help desk’ manned by some ‘experienced’ students in the Department foyer during the first two weeks of this semester. Ask them for help, advice or just a quick chat!

General Help

If you are having any problems then please talk to someone. For contacts please see the Help and Support page.

The University has a number of support mechanisms in place to help you with most problems including budgeting, accommodation, medical advice, counselling etc.

More to do during Welcome Week

There a lot of other things you can get up to during Welcome Week ...

  • Visit the Welcome events being run around the University. There will be information sessions, activities, fairs, and social events running throughout .
  • Sort out your finances - open a bank account if you do not already have one. It is important that your loans and fees are sorted out as soon as possible. The Student Services Centre are available to offer help to students with problems relating to student loan issues.
  • If you need to find a part time job, the University Careers service can offer help and advice.
  • Visit the Students Union where clubs and societies will be recruiting.

Stay safe

It is important that you stay safe whilst at Manchester. Manchester suffers from incidents of crime just like any other large city. The University has a team of security staff on campus who can offer help and support when needed. If you have a bicycle make sure you lock it securely (the University runs a subsidised lock scheme where you can purchase a high quality 'D' lock for £15). Be careful when withdrawing money out of the bank and keep you mobile phone, laptop or any other valuable items secure.