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Welcome to Manchester [1] and to Post Graduate Research in Computer Science [2] . We are very excited to have you working with us.

Welcome to Post Graduate Researchers

Welcome, too, to the start of your research careers. You are here to learn how to do research, which means that during the next years you will be learning the skills of a researcher: how to address a problem and understand its context and importance, how to carry out effective investigations using the techniques of particular research fields, and how to evaluate and communicate research.

You will be working under the direction of one or more academic supervisors (typically two) and will have the opportunity to work with other staff, colleagues and students. We hope by the latter half of the programme you will be communicating or collaborating with researchers world-wide in your chosen research area by attending conferences and meeting them face-to-face.

We expect you will soon be contributing to the wider research community, by writing papers, making presentations at scientific conferences, and helping to shape the future of computer science. We hope your time here is challenging, fulfilling and enjoyable.

I hope we will make your time here - as an early career researcher - a great experience. I wish you the very best success.

Welcome to Staff

Welcome to you as a member of staff who will be supervising, co-supervising, or supporting our PGRs in their day to day work in our laboratories. As you know, doctoral work is the first step towards a research career; and is likewise important for your research endeavours. Our relationship with our trainees is reciprocal: we provide the best Research Environment [3] for our PGRs and help them to understand their chosen research fields. By doing this well, we are also able to encourage them to write REF 4* papers and facilitate joint impact in high-quality research outcomes.


Our PGRs have (to date) contributed 19 4* and 63 3* papers to our 2021 return.

The University

Our Purpose as a University is ‘To advance education, knowledge and wisdom for the good of society.’ while our Vision states that ‘We will be recognised globally for the excellence of our people, research, learning and innovation, and for the benefits we bring to society and the environment.’

Only together we can acheive these dual aims.

Prof Simon Harper, Head of Post Graduate Research,

Department of Computer Science.