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The Department has a rooms polocy which we adhere to and so it might be useful to explain it a little further. Here, we include and abridged version but you can see the complete Rooms Allocation Policy [1] on the Department wiki.

Briefly, it was created so we could use the space more effectly and so that

In General

Everybody will be assigned office space for the duration of their legitimate stay in the Department, subject to the conditions below.
  • All PGRs who are registered with the Department of Computer Science are entitled to office space excluding those on interruptions, research visits, sickness/illness (without interruption) or the like that lasts for greater than 3 months.
  • Hot desk space can be assigned for a period of time, or on a daily basis (first come first served).
  • Further, space in individual rooms may need to be expanded (for instance by removing extraneous furniture and facilities) to accommodate increased space requirements
  • Moreover, space must be utilised for it to be kept; even in individual cases where a researcher does not use the space provided, they may be moved to and the original space redistributed (especially when space is at a premium).

Further Details

  • Any incoming RA, PGR or RV requires an office space request.
  • Moving an AC, PS, RA, PGR or RV to a different room requires an office space request.
  • “Unofficial” allocations do not exist, and these office spaces will be released.
  • To better utilise office space, the Department reserves the right to move a person’s office space in the case that this has general benefits (of course with due notice and care).
  • Once office space is due to be released, it is the occupant’s duty to clear that space (in particular remove private possessions), hand back keys, equipment (and so on).
  • The Department reserves the right to clear office space it deems to be unassigned, store and ultimately dispose of uncleared materials, including computers and personal items.
  • Individual members of the Department can request office space. A group can delegate authority for that group’s request to an individual - noting that groups do not own space, though the Department will make the best effort to keep cognate groups of people together.
  • All relocation requests will be considered, although for many reasons we cannot commit to resolving every suggested change.
  • Office ‘spaces’ are different: For example, ACs may have an Office allocation, RAs normally would have a desk, pedestal, side table, and some shelving, RVs and PGRs would normally have a desk and a pedestal, TAs would normally not have office ‘space’.
  • The individual should keep their allocated space fit for use, sanitary, conforming to Health and Safety guidelines, and in a functional state so as to facilitate work, meetings, and the like.
  • Office space should not be used as personal storage space, items in that space should predominantly relate to work although the presence of some personal items are reasonable, and should fit the space allocated (eg for PGRs items should fit in the pedestal and on the desk - while still facilitating the use of the desk for work purposes).
  • In all cases the appropriate ‘Exit Policy’ (if instigated) should be followed, and at a minimum: all University property returned; personal effects cleared; hazardous materials appropriately disposed; data, software, source code and associated materials transferred to the supervisor; and the keys returned to the RAP/Environment Manager.

Room allocation processes:


For TAs:
  1. TAs are not normally allocated Office space, although a Hot desk may be allocated for the teaching period if the RAP decides it is needed for the TA to perform their duties (such as marking).
For PGRs:
  1. An PGR spends the first six months of their Ph.D. in the PGR Home.
  2. During this time, supervisor or nominee requests an office space from the RAP (only for the Kilburn and IT Buildings). The RAP will welcome suggestions of which space to use and this may be sought from the RDB.
  3. New students are not expected to arrive before the start date shown in their formal offer of admission. Students that do arrive early may be allocated a desk in PGR Home, or may use the hot-desking space - in both cases if space is available.
  4. Split site students are allocated a hot desk for the period they are on site via the Student Support Office.
  5. Students whose Principal Supervisor is not based in the Department of Computer Science, or students not registered with the Department, will not be automatically allocated a space, but we will make best efforts to accommodate them if there is an academic imperative. Supervisor applies to the Director of PGR Studies (PGRD) (r nominee, who informs the RAP.
For Hot Desks
  1. A hot desk may be reserved on a daily first come first served basis.
  2. At the end of the hot desk period - be that a semester, period, or day - the hot deskie must clear he desk, anything left after the end of the period will be disposed of to rubbish.


For PGRs:
  • PGRs will normally keep their allocated space until the initial Award letter is issued. However, once the Thesis has been submitted this is at the discretion of the RAP.
  • Upon Withdrawal, Reject (Civ), or Award (A); the PGRD (or their nominee) informs the RAP, which updates the RDB accordingly and ensures that keys are returned and the desk is vacated.
  • PGRs with Revise (B) or Reject (Ci-iii) are not presumed to keep their allocated space and their supervisor must make an application to the PGRD (or their nominee) who informs the RAP. Allocation is at the discretion of the RAP.
  • PGRs performing ‘wrapping-up’ work and awaiting their award may keep desk space for a maximum of one year (after application to the PGRD - or nominee - by the supervisor) at the discretion of the RAP.
  • PGRs intending to transition: if international to the Doctoral Extension Scheme, or those who are not international students but are carrying out similar functions to those on the Doctoral Extension Scheme, may apply to the Department for RV status and then have space relocated in accordance with RV procedures (after application to the PGRD - or nominee - by the supervisor) at the discretion of the RAP, and once their Award is granted.
  • Students who have an absence from study (e.g. an industrial placement, interruption, research visit, sickness/illness or the like) for longer than 3 months will normally be required to surrender their desk at the discretion of the RAP, and be allocated to a new desk on their return.
Hot desks
  • Hot desks are released after the period of time agreed.
  • Daily (first come first served) Hot desks are released at the end of the day.


For ACs, PSS, RAs, PGR and RVs:
  • Anybody can request to move their allocated space by emailing their request to the RAP, which will consider it in view of the current and future space situation, feasibility, and reasons given in the request.
  • Requests should be made in discussion with a line manager/supervisor.