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PGR Symposium

The Department of Computer Science runs a PGR Symposium (organised by Dr. Giles Reger [1]) which brings all the PGR students together to present their research and learn about what their fellow students are doing. This is a symposium in which the research students in the Department present their research to each other and the wider community. Every PGR is required to participate as follows:

Year 1:
First year doctoral students will be given specific tasks to carry out during the Research Symposium as part of the Scientific Methods 2 Course (COMP80122). These involve attending and evaluating some of the presentations. There will be a meeting to discuss these tasks prior to the Symposium.
Year 2:
Students in year 2 of the doctoral will make posters describing their research and their results so far, and will participate in a poster session in which they stand in front of their poster and discuss it with interested people. Prizes are given for the best poster.
Year 3:
Students in year 3 will give a 20 minute talk describing their research and results.

This gives all new Doctoral students opportunities to meet more senior research students and their supervisors, and more senior doctoral students practice at research communications. In addition, it is an important mechanism whereby we advertise the latest research which is going on in the Department.