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Current postgraduate taught students

COMP61001: Introduction to Advanced Computer Science (2007-2008)

This is an archived syllabus from 2007-2008

Introduction to Advanced Computer Science
Level: 6
Pre-requisites: No Pre-requisites
Co-requisites: No Co-requisites
Lectures: Introductory Weeks
Course lecturer: not assignedAdditional staff: view all staff


This is an important and enjoyable overview of the course and of advanced topics in computer science. For each taught course unit, there is an introductory talk given by one of the lecturers of the course unit. This is an opportunity to learn what each topic is about, what problems it tackles, what skills and knowledge are required and learned. This also provides a forum for discussing each topic with an expert in the area. The student is expected to attend all the introductory talks, viewing this not simply as an opportunity to choose a selection of course units, but also as an opportunity to broaden knowledge and see what are the concerns of other topics across the range of Computer Science. The course unit also covers material on the structure and expectations of the course, and an introduction to the facilities of the School, the Graduate School and the University.


This course unit has three aims.
To provide an overview of the course itself, its aims and structure and an introduction to the School and its equipment and to the University,
To provide a broad overview of the major issues, themes and topics in advanced computer science,
To provide introductions to each of the optional course units, given by the staff who will teach them. These will assist students in making their selection of six of the course units, giving an explanation of the issues, knowledge and skills dealt with in each course unit.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of the course unit, the student will understand the structure of the Advanced MSc course, what is expected of the student and procedures for the course.
Through the introductory talks for the course units, the student will have gained a wide overview of advanced topics in computer science and will be able to select course units for further study with an understanding of what each topic is, its applications and relationship with other areas, and what skills and knowledge is to be gained through each course unit. (A)

Assessment of Learning outcomes

There is no assessment for this course unit.


Introduction to the course, the School and the University.
Major issues in advanced computer science.
Introductions to individual course units.

Reading List

Lecturers will supply material about each of the course units.