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Current postgraduate taught students

COMP67310: IT Leadership Forum (BMAN71621) (2007-2008)

This is an archived syllabus from 2007-2008

IT Leadership Forum (BMAN71621)
Level: 6
Credit rating: 15
Pre-requisites: None
Co-requisites: None
Duration: The first two academic teaching periods from September to December
Lectures: Series of Industrial Led Seminars
Examples classes: None
Labs: None
Lecturers: Ke Chen, David Rydeheard, Alex Walker
Course lecturers: Ke Chen

David Rydeheard

Alex Walker

Additional staff: view all staff
Sem 1 w1-5,7-11 Lecture 1.1 Wed 13:00 - 17:00 -
Assessment Breakdown
Exam: 0%
Coursework: 100%
Lab: 0%


The unit covers subjects related to the production , consumption and management of Information Technology in an industrial context in order to bridge the gap between the university teaching of advanced IT systems and its practice in industry. The unit is taught by combination of lectures and seminars given by invited speakers from industry.

The course unit runs one afternoon a week. TIME: 1.30pm-4.30pm.

The IT Leadership Forum is sponsored by IBM and includes the award of a prize.

Fuller details of this course unit, including its schedule and company profiles, may be found on the IT Leadership Forum website.


This course aims to introduce the students to the practical problems associated with the design, construction , maintenance, integration and management of large IT systems in an industrial/applications context. This will involve technical as well as non technical and based on the management issues that relate to the systems development, integration and management processes.

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and understanding

Explain the use of IT in a range of real-world industrial applications and settings.
Describe the integration of different technologies and system development processes needed to support industrial applications.
Understand the management issues involving information systems in industry.

Intellectual skills

Professionally research areas related to the presentation topics using a range of information sources.
Critically assess the reliability of information sources and provide critical summary of the material.
Draw and justify conclusions about the presentation topics.

Practical skills

Critically research issues of systems integration, enterprise applications integration, legacy systems integration, ethics, management and any related issues covered during presentations made by professionals.

Transferable skills and personal qualities

Work within a group to prepare and present concise, professional posters and to present that poster to attendees at a poster session.
Prepare and present a concise, professional portfolio.

Assessment of Learning outcomes

Group Project to produce an academic poster
1000 words

Students must produce an report in the form of a feasibility study or critical analysis. The feasibility study or critical analysis will be written as if for a client and will promote a recommendation for the client to adopt a particular technology or approach to systems integration formation given during the seminar series and further research carried out by the student.
2000 words

Contribution to Programme Learning Outcomes

B2, B3, C4, D1 and D3.


Learning and Teaching Processes

This module is based upon a series of presentations given by professional software engineers from a small number of companies. Speakers will present practical problems and issues related to the production , consumption and management of IT in an industrial environment. When possible, they will also present the chosen solution and its benefits and drawbacks. There will also be a question and answer discussion at the end of each lecture session.

The actual titles and subject matter for each of these presentations will be confirmed at the start of the course, as they are subject to the availability of the industrial speakers.

The students will work in groups to produce poster from presentation to members of staff during a formal poster session.

Each individual student will also produce a report; this report will be presented in the form of a feasibility study for a client company or critical analysis of one of the systems integration topics presented by the speakers.

Reading List

None Set