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Current postgraduate taught students

COMP67320: Systems Analysis and Design (2007-2008)

This is an archived syllabus from 2007-2008

Systems Analysis and Design
Level: 6
Credit rating: 15
Pre-requisites: No Pre-requisites
Co-requisites: No Co-requisites
Lectures: 20
Examples classes: 10
Lecturers: Christos Tjortjis
Course lecturer: Christos Tjortjis

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Sem 1 w1-5,7-11 Lecture 2.15 Tue 09:00 - 13:00 -
Assessment Breakdown
Exam: 60%
Coursework: 40%
Lab: 0%


This unit aims to teach students how to select and apply a systematic approach to the analysis, specification and design of software, and to help the students to gain an understanding of how different methods of development support a range of software products from embedded real-time systems to information processing systems.


Software development activities and lifecycle
Feasibility,Requirements analysis, Systems specification, System design, System implementation, Testing and maintenance Processes and approaches
Information capture & Requirements Analysis, Requirements elicitation techniques, Requirements validation
Specifications and Models, Unified Modelling Language, Use cases, activity sequence diagrams, state transition diagrams, Class diagrams, Introduction to the structured approach to analysis and design
Architecture and Implementation, Principles of software design ? cohesion and coupling, Classes and reuse, Refining and Validating classes, System architectures, Maintainability and reusability
Project planning and management, Managing implementation and cut over, Systems Integration, Ensuring quality and satisfaction

Reading List

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