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Current MRes students

Information for current MRes students

The MRes in Advanced Computer Science is targeted at those students with a keen interest in research, who aim at a 1-year postgraduate degree with a substantial research element. Like the MSc, it provides a rich learning environment with good contact with expert staff, in both the taught course units and the research projects.

The structure of the programme is intended to be attractive to both full-time one-year students and to part-time students who take the programme over a period of years, accumulating credits to achieve a Certificate, a Diploma or an MRes. The aim is to have a broad participation both on the teaching side and amongst the students, in particular attracting industrial participants and those requiring a more flexible learning regime.


Depending on the themes you follow, you can choose to specialise in one of the pathways . If your project is suitable for your chosen pathway, you can opt for your degree certificate to carry the title:
"MRes in Advanced Computer Science with specialisation in < Pathway Name >."

Themes and Course Units

An MRes student takes:

  • three 15 credits course units: two course units in Period 1, and one course unit in Period 2, following the above rules regarding their specialisation, if such a specialisation is chosen.
  • three research course units, COMP80122, COMP80131 and COMP80142 at 5 credits each, to be taken in Periods 2, 3 and 4.

Any other course unit choice, especially those that do not conform to the ``2 course units in Period 1, 1 course unit in Period 2'' pattern are strongly discouraged and require the explicit authorisation of both the Programme Director and the course unit lecturers.

Research projects

The project selection process and evaluation follows the same path as for MSc students but due to the reduced number of taught elements MRes students are expected to produce more substantial research work on their project.

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