Department of Computer Science - LaTeX class for UofM MSc and PhD theses

The documentation for this class (which is included in the file muthesis.cls itself) assumes some basic knowledge of how LaTeX works and was written from the point of view of someone who uses the command line to run commands in a Unix based environment such as Linux or Mac OS X. Versions of LaTeX designed for use in a MS Windows environment (such as MiKTeX) are also available and widely used, with plenty of online documentation. The zip file contains an example thesis using the muthesis class for the LaTeX document preparation system. Within the sample report is a simple guide to using LaTeX.

Start by looking at the file report.tex

To run the muthesis report example:

Copy all the files. Run

   latex report
   bibtex report
and then run `latex report' twice more.

It is more normal nowadays to generate pdf output rather than dvi, just use pdflatex instead of latex .

Queries regarding the muthesis class or this page should be addressed to Graham Gough.