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MEDN20000 2021-2022 syllabus


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Learning outcomes

Reading list

Clinically oriented anatomy Moore, Keith L.,1496354044; 9781496354044; 1496347218; 9781496347213Wolters Kluwer[2018]
Psychology for medicine & healthcare Ayers, Susan,147396928X; 9781473969285; 1473969271; 9781473969278Sage[2018]
Writing health communication : an evidence-based guide null9781847871855SAGE2012
The Scientist's Guide to Writing : How to Write More Easily and Effectively throughout Your Scientific Career Heard, Stephen B.,1400881145; 9781400881147Princeton University Press[2016]
Oxford handbook of gastroenterology and hepatology.Bloom, Stuart (Physician)9780199584079Oxford University Press2011.
KUMAR AND CLARK'S CLINICAL MEDICINE / Adam Feather, David Randall, Mona WaterhouseFeather, Adamnullnull2021.
Oxford handbook of endocrinology and diabetes null9780191503016Oxford University Press2014
Essential endocrinology and diabetesHolt, Richard I. G.9781118290477Wiley-Blackwell©2012.
Fundamentals of anatomy & physiology [electronic book] null9781292229966 (ebk)Pearson2018.
Medical sciencesNaish, Jeannette; Revest, Patricia; Syndercombe Court, Denise9780702052491, 9780702026799Proquest2014
ISE Anatomy & Physiology: The Unity of Form and FunctionKenneth Saladin (author)9781260571295McGraw-Hill Education04 Mar 2020
Gray's anatomy for students Drake, Richard L.0323393047; 9780323393041; 0323611052; 9780323611053Elsevier[2020]
Human anatomy : color atlas and textbook Gosling, J. A.9780723438281; 0723438285Elsevier2017.
Illustrated Clinical Anatomy [electronic resource].Abrahams, Peter H.1444149466; 9781444149463Hodder Education2011.
Clinically oriented anatomy Moore, Keith L.,1496354044; 9781496354044; 1496347218; 9781496347213Wolters Kluwer[2018]
Clinical anatomy by regionsSnell, Richard S.1451110324, 9781451110326Lippincott Williams & Wilkins2011
Medical biochemistryBaynes, John; Dominiczak, Marek H.0323053718, 9780323053716Mosbyc2009
Textbook of biochemistry with clinical correlationsDevlin, Thomas M.0470281731, 9780470281734, 9780470601525Wiley2011
Principles of medical biochemistryMeisenberg, Gerhard; Simmons, William H.0323029426Mosby Elsevier2006
Principles of medical biochemistryMeisenberg, Gerhard; Simmons, William H.0323071554, 9780323071550Elsevier/Saundersc2012
Essential medicineJones, John Vann; Tomson, C. R. V.; Read, Alan E.0443058113Churchill Livingstone1998
Davidson's principles and practice of medicineWalker, Brian R.; Britton, Robert0702051039Churchill Livingstone/Elsevier2014
KUMAR AND CLARK'S CLINICAL MEDICINE / Adam Feather, David Randall, Mona WaterhouseFeather, Adamnullnull2021.
Essentials of human embryologyLarsen, William J.044307514XChurchill Livingstone1998
Langman's medical embryology.Sadler, T. W.145114461X (pbk.) :; 9781451144611 (pbk.) :Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkinsc2018
How to read a paper [electronic resource] : the basics of evidence-based medicine and healthcare Greenhalgh, Trisha,9781119484721 (ePub); 9781119484738 (Adobe PDF)John Wiley & Sons Ltd2019.
An introduction to medical statistics Bland, Martin,0199589925; 9780199589920Oxford University Press2015.
Public health and epidemiology at a glance Somerville, Margaret,9781118999349Wiley Blackwell2016.
Medical statistics: a textbook for the health sciencesCampbell, Michael J.; Machin, David; Walters, Stephen John9780470025192Wileyc2007
Epidemiology for the uninitiatedCoggon, D.; Rose, Geoffrey; Barker, D. J. P.0727916041BMJ2003
The social context of birth null9781785231254 (pbk); 9781138196155 (hbk)CRC Press2017.
Bad scienceGoldacre, Ben0007240198, 9780007240197Fourth Estate2008
Culture, health and illnessHelman, Cecil9780723619918Hodder Arnold2007
The Sociology of Health and IllnessNettleton, Sarah9780631204473Polity2013
Emery's Elements of Medical Genetics Turnpenny, Peter D.9780702066894; 0702066893Elsevier2017.
Clinical genetics: a case-based approachBonthron, David T.0702023515Saunders1998
New clinical geneticsRead, A. F.; Donnai, D.9781907904677Scion2015
Stevens & Lowe's human histology Lowe, J. S.0323612792; 9780323612791; 0323612806; 9780323612807; 0323612822; 9780323612821; 0323612814; 9780323612814Elsevier[2020]
Wheater's functional histology: a text and colour atlasYoung, Barbara; Wheater, Paul R.; Heath, John W.044306850XChurchill Livingstone Elsevier2006
Kuby immunologyOwen, Judith A.; Punt, Jenni; Stranford, Sharon A.; Jones, Patricia P.; Kuby, Janis142921919X, 9781429219198W.H. Freeman2013
Immunology for medical studentsNairn, Roderick; Helbert, Matthew0323043313, 9780323043311Mosby2007
Lecture notes: ImmunologyTodd, Ian; Spickett, Gavin9781405191364Wiley-Blackwell2010
Understanding immunologyWood, Peter0273730681, 9780273730682Prentice Hall2011
Understanding immunologyWood, Peter1283173212, 0273730703, 0273730681, 9786613173218, 9780273730705, 9780273730682Prentice Hall2011
Microbial and parasitic infectionDuerden, B. I.; Reid, T. M. S.; Jewsbury, J. M.0340560185Edward Arnold1993
Color atlas of medical microbiologyHart, Tony; Shears, Paul0723433550Mosby2004
Notes on medical microbiology: including virology, mycology and parasitologyWard, Katherine N.; McCartney, A. Christine; Thakker, Bishan; Timbury, Morag Crichton0443102848, 9780443102844Churchill Livingstone2009
Microbiology and infection: a clinical core text for integrated curricula with self-assessmentInglis, T. J. J.0443102899, 9780443102899Churchill Livingstone Elsevier2007
Neuroanatomy : an illustrated colour text Crossman, A. R.,0702074624; 9780702074622; 0702075078; 9780702075070; 070207506X; 9780702075063Elsevier[2020]
Fitzgerald's clinical neuroanatomy and neuroscience Mtui, Estomih,9780702079108; 0702079103; 9780702079115; 0702079111; 9780702079139; 0702079138; 9780702079092; 070207909XElsevier[2021]
Principles of neural scienceKandel, Eric R.0071390111, 9780071390118McGraw-Hill2012
Principles of Neural ScienceKandel, Eric R.0071390111, 0071810013, 1283656248, 9780071390118, 9780071810012, 9781283656245McGraw-Hill Professional2013
Robbins and Cotran pathologic basis of diseaseRobbins, Stanley L.; Cotran, Ramzi S.0323296351, 9780323296359Elsevier/Saunders2015
Underwood's pathology: a clinical approachUnderwood, J. C. E.; Cross, Simon S.9780702053382Churchill Livingstone2013
Pathology: a core text of basic pathological processes with self-assessmentBass, P.; Carr, Norman; Du Boulay, Clair0443070946Churchill Livingstone2004
nullnullnullPharmaceutical Society of Great Britain; British Medical Association 2020
Medical pharmacology & therapeutics Waller, Derek,9780702081606; 0702081604Elsevier[2022]
Rang and Dale's pharmacology Ritter, James,0702074462; 9780702074462; 0702080608; 9780702080609Elsevier[2020]
Elsevier's integrated review. Pharmacology [electronic resource] Kester, Mark.9781455727032 (electronic bk.); 1455727032 (electronic bk.)Elsevier/Saundersc2012
Berne & Levy physiology null0323523404; 9780323523400Elsevier[2018]
Guyton and Hall textbook of medical physiology Hall, John E.0323672809; 9780323672801; 032375838X; 9780323758383; 0323640060; 9780323640060; 0323640036; 9780323640039Elsevier[2021]
Ganong's review of medical physiology.null9780071605687McGraw Hill Medical2010.
Seminars in Clinical Psychopharmacology (3rd edition)Haddad, Peter M. and David J. Nutt (eds)9781911623465Cambridge University Press2020
Psychiatry at a glance Katona, Cornelius,9781119129691Wiley Blackwell2016.
Psychiatry.Marwick, Katie,9780702073502; 0702073504Elsevier2018.
Psychiatry by ten teachers [electronic resource] null9781498750233 (e-book)CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group[2017]
Psychiatry Burton, Neel L.,9780992912741Acheron Press[2016?]
Stahl's essential psychopharmacology: neuroscientific basis and practical applicationStahl, S. M.1107686466, 9781107686465Cambridge University Press2013
MCQs in psychiatry for medical studentsTully, John; Lally, John1909726486, 9781909726482RCPsych Publications2016
Psychology for Medicine and Healthcarenull9780511543579 (ebook)SAGE Publications Ltd; Second edition27 Dec. 2017
Psychology for medicineAyers, Susan; De Visser, Richard1412946905, 1412946913, 9781412946902, 9781412946919SAGE2011
Cambridge handbook of psychology, health and medicine null9781108474993; 1316625877; 9781316625873Cambridge University Press2019.
Outline of sociology as applied to medicineArmstrong, David0340809205Arnoldc2003
Making sense of illness: the social psychology of health and diseaseRadley, Alan0803989083Sage1994
The social basis of medicineRussell, Andrew1405139129, 9781405139120Wiley-Blackwell2009
Sociology as applied to medicineScambler, Graham0702029017, 9780702029011Saunders Elsevier2008
Macleod's clinical examination null0702069906; 9780702069901; 0702069914; 9780702069918Elsevier2018.