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This is an archived syllabus from 2021-2022

ENGL33081 2021-2022 syllabus


Course lecturer: not assignedAdditional staff: view all staff
Sem 1 w1-5,7-12 SEMINAR Uni Place 4.204 Fri 10:00 - 12:00 -
Sem 1 w1-5,7-12 SEMINAR Roscoe 4.4 Fri 15:00 - 17:00 -
Sem 1 w1 Lecture Roscoe 2.4 Mon 10:00 - 11:00 -
Sem 1 w2-5,7-12 Lecture 1.5 Mon 10:00 - 11:00 -

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Learning outcomes

Reading list

A journal of the plague year Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731.0140437851Penguin2003.
A sentimental journey and other writings Sterne, Laurence, 1713-1768.9780199537181Oxford University Press2003.
Sense and sensibility Austen, Jane, 1775-1817.0192804782Oxford University Press2004.
The expedition of Humphry Clinker : an authoritative text, backgrounds and contexts, criticism Smollett, T. (Tobias), 1721-1771, author.9780393936711W.W. Norton & Company2014
The essential writings of Jonathan Swift : authoritative texts, contexts, criticism Swift, Jonathan, 1667-1745.9780393930658W.W. Nortonc2010.
The complete poems of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680.9780300161489Yale University Press2002
The Broadview anthology of Restoration & early eighteenth-century drama null9781551115818Broadviewc2001.
The country wife Wycherley, William, 1640-1716. author.9780713666885A. & C. Black2007
The Norton anthology of English literature. Volume C, The Restoration and the eighteenth century null9780393927191W. W. Nortonc2006.
Early English Books Online (EEBO)nullnullProQuest LLC2019-
Eighteenth century collections online.nullnullGale Cengage Learning2003-
Archives of Human Sexuality and Gender. Part III Sex and Sexuality, Sixteenth to Twentieth Century.nullnullGale Cengage Learning2016]-
When flesh becomes word : an anthology of early eighteenth-century libertine literature null0195161882Oxford University Press2004.
Nightwalkers : prostitute narratives from the eighteenth century null9781551114699Broadview Pressc2008.
Secret sexualities : a sourcebook of 17th and 18th century writing null0415139538Routledge1997.
The realms of Apollo : literature and healing in Seventeenth-Century England Anselment, Raymond A.0874135532University of Delaware Press1995.
Wild civility : the English comic spirit on the Restoration stage Birdsall, Virginia Ogden.0253190371 :; 9780253190376Indiana University Press1970.
Sex life in England Bloch, Iwan, 1872-1922.9781473336919Scarlet Letters[2017]
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Hogarth's Blacks : images of Blacks in eighteenth century English art Dabydeen, David.0820309214University of Georgia Press1987, c1985.
Cruelty and laughter : forgotten comic literature and the unsentimental eighteenth century Dickie, Simon.9780226146188University of Chicago Press2011.
nullEvans, JamesnullValdosta State University2003-07-01
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Fanny Hill in Bombay : the making & unmaking of John Cleland Gladfelder, Hal.9781421404905Johns Hopkins University Press2012.
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Helen Mirren at the BBC [videorecording (DVD)] nullnullBBC2008.
Scenes from The Country Wife nullnullInsight Media1992.
The Country Wife (Drama on 3 via BoB)William Wycherleynullnull2008