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RUSS30601 2021-2022 syllabus


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Sem 1 w1-5,7-9,11-12 SEMINAR Roscoe 3.4 Fri 10:00 - 12:00 -
Sem 1 w10 SEMINAR Simon 4.05 Wed 12:00 - 14:00 -

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Learning outcomes

Reading list

Soviet culture and power : a history in documents, 1917-1953 Clark, Katerina.0300150008; 9780300150001Yale University Press[2007]
The cultural front : power and culture in revolutionary Russia Fitzpatrick, Sheila,1501724088; 9781501724084Cornell University Press1992.
Petersburg, crucible of cultural revolution [electronic resource] Clark, Katerina.nullHarvard University Press1995.
The birth of the propaganda state : Soviet methods of mass mobilization, 1917-1929 Kenez, Peter,9780511572623 (ebook)Cambridge University Press1985.
Revolutionary dreams : utopian vision and experimental life in the Russian revolution Stites, Richard.9780195055368; 0195055365 :Oxford University Press1989.
Culture and Power in Revolutionary Russia: The Intelligentsia and the Transition from Tsarism to CommunismChristopher ReadISBN-10 : 0312036817Publisher : Palgrave Macmillan (1 Oct. 1990)1 Oct. 1990
nullKenez, PeternullCambridge University Press1988-10-01
nullSheila FitzpatricknullSage Publications1974-01-01
nullMichael David-FoxnullBlackwell Publishers1999-04-01
nullNelson, AmynullCambridge University Press2000
Propaganda state in crisis : Soviet ideology, indoctrination, and terror under Stalin, 1927-1941 Brandenberger, David,0300159633; 9780300159639Yale University Press; Hoover Institution Stanford University ©2011.
Thank you, comrade Stalin! [electronic resource] : Soviet public culture from revolution to Cold War Brooks, Jeffrey,nullPrinceton University Press2001, c2000.
The total art of Stalinism : avant-garde, aesthetic dictatorship, and beyond Groĭs, Boris.9781781689721; 1781689725; 9781844678099Verso[2014?].
The landscape of Stalinism : the art and ideology of Soviet space null0295801174; 9780295801179; 9780295983332; 0295983337University of Washington Press©2003.
Life has become more joyous, comrades : celebrations in the time of Stalin Petrone, Karen.0253337682; 9780253337689; 9780253214010; 0253214017Indiana University Press©2000.
Closer to the masses : Stalinist culture, social revolution, and Soviet newspapers Lenoe, Matthew E.nullHarvard University Press2004.
How Life Writes the Book : Real Socialism and Socialist Realism in Stalin's Russia Lahusen, Thomas,1501745239; 9781501745232Cornell University Press[2019]
Iconography of power : Soviet political posters under Lenin and Stalin Bonnell, Victoria E.0520221532; 9780520221536; 9780052087125; 0520924061; 9780520924062; 0052087123; 9780052087129; 058504788X; 9780585047881University of California Press1999, ©1997.
Visions of a new land : Soviet film from the Revolution to the Second World War Widdis, Emma,0300127588; 9780300127584Yale University Press©2003.
Making the Soviet intelligentsia : universities and intellectual life under Stalin and Khrushchev Tromly, Benjamin,9781107703742Cambridge University Press2014.
National Bolshevism: Stalinist Mass Culture and the Formation of Modern Russian National Identity 1931-1956 (Russian Research Centre Studies) (Russian Research Center Studies)David BrandenbergerISBN-10 : 0674009061Publisher : Harvard University Press (17 Dec. 2002)17 Dec. 2002
nullBrandenberger, D. L ; Dubrovsky, A. MnullTaylor & Francis Group1998-07-01
nullDobrenko, E. A. (Evgenii Aleksandrovich) ; Savage, Jesse ; Olson, GustnullSlavica Publishers2004
Inside the Soviet Writers' Union Garrard, John Gordon,9781850432609 (hbk.)I B Tauris & Co Ltd©1990.
Political control of literature in the USSR, 1946-1959.Swayze, Harold.nullHarvard University Press1962.
nullReid, Susan EnullCambridge University Press1998
nullSlezkine, YurinullCambridge University Press1994
nullAzadovskii, Konstantin ; Egorov, BorisnullMIT Press2002-01-01
nullTolz, VeranullCambridge University Press2002-02
nullWiddis, EmmanullCambridge University Press2012
nullRoth-Ey, KristinnullCambridge University Press2007
nullReid, Susan EmilynullProject Muse2005
Reinventing Russia : Russian nationalism and the Soviet state, 1953-1991 Brudny, Yitzhak M.9780674754089; 0674754085 :Harvard University Press1998.
Myth, memory, trauma [electronic resource] : rethinking the Stalinist past in the Soviet Union, 1953-70 Jones, Polly,0300187211; 9780300187212Yale University Press2013.
Everything was forever, until it was no more : the last Soviet generation /Yurchak, Alexei,9781400849109 (electronic bk.)Princeton University Press,c2006.
The legacy of Soviet dissent : dissidents, democratisation and radical nationalism in Russia Horvath, Robert,nullRoutledgeCurzon2005.
The readers of Novyi Mir : coming to terms with the Stalinist past Kozlov, Denis,0674075064; 9780674075061Harvard University Press2013.
Russian village prose : the radiant past Parthé, Kathleen.9781400812943; 1400812941; 1400820758; 9781400820757Princeton University Press©1992.
Russia's dangerous texts : politics between the lines Parthé, Kathleen.9781281728920; 1281728926; 9780300098518; 0300098510; 0300138229; 9780300138221Yale University Press©2004.
The thaw : Soviet society and culture during the 1950s and 1960s null1442661054; 9781442618954; 9781442661059; 1442618957University of Toronto Press; Canadian Electronic Library[2013]
Zhivago's children : the last Russian intelligentsia Zubok, V. M.0674062329 (pbk.); 9780674062320 (pbk.); 0674033442 (alk. paper); 9780674033443 (alk. paper)Belknap Press of Harvard University Press2009.
nullReid, Susan EnullWiley2002
nullReid, Susan EnullCambridge University Press2002
nullKomaromi, AnnnullCambridge University Press2007
Political control of literature in the USSR, 1946-1959.Swayze, Harold.nullHarvard University Press1962.
Soviet realities : culture and politics from Stalin to Gorbachev Laqueur, Walter,9780887383021; 0887383025 :Transaction Publishers1990.
nullHornsby, R.nullnull2011
nullFrankel, Edith RogovinnullTaylor & Francis Group1982-10-01
Moscow prime time : how the Soviet Union built the media empire that lost the cultural Cold War Roth-Ey, Kristin.9780801479755 (pbk.); 0801448743 (cloth : alk. paper); 9780801448744 (cloth : alk. paper)Cornell University Press2011.
nullHosking, Geoffrey AnullCambridge University Press1973-12
Soviet Intellectuals and Political Power : the Post-Stalin Era.Shlapentokh, Vladimir.1400861136; 9781400861132Princeton University Press2014.
Split signals : television and politics in the Soviet Union Mickiewicz, Ellen Propper,9780198022145Oxford University Press1988.
The idea of Russia : the life and work of Dmitry Likhachev Zubok, V. M.9781786720535; 1786720531; 1786730537; 9781786730534IB Tauris & Co Ltd2017.
nullBonnell, Victoria E ; Freidin, GregorynullCambridge University Press1993
How not to network a nation : the uneasy history of the Soviet internet Peters, Benjamin,0262334178; 0262334186; 0262334194; 9780262334174; 9780262334181; 9780262334198The MIT Press[2016]
Voices of glasnost : letters from the Soviet people to 'Ogonyok' magazine 1987-1990 null9781856260084; 1856260089Kyle Cathie1990.
nullJosephine Wollnullnull1989
nullAlexander Dallinnullnull1992
The patriotism of despair : nation, war, and loss in Russia Ushakin, S.0801459109; 9780801459108Cornell University Press2009.
Mythmaking in the new Russia : politics and memory during the Yeltsin era Smith, Kathleen E.9780801439636; 0801439639 (hbk.) :Cornell University Pressc2002.
Television and culture in Putin's Russia : remote control Hutchings, Stephen C.0203091639; 9780203091630 (ebk.); 0415419077 (cased) :; 9780415419079 (cased) :Routledge2009.
Nation, Ethnicity and Race on Russian Television : Mediating post-Soviet difference Hutchings, Stephen,9781138853287; 1138853283; 1315722860; 9781315722863; 1317526244; 9781317526247Routledge2015.
The imperial trace [electronic resource] : recent Russian cinema Condee, Nancy.9780199867394 (ebook) :Oxford University Pressc2009.
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nullSherlock, ThomasnullTaylor & Francis Group2011-04-01
The empire and nationalism at war null9780893579258Slavica Publishers2014.
nullGehlbach, ScottnullTaylor & Francis Group2010-01-01
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nullWood, Elizabeth AnullBRILL2011
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The convolutions of historical politics null615522515X; 9786155225154Central European University Pressc2012.