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This is an archived syllabus from 2019-2020

T 2019-2020 syllabus

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Learning outcomes

Reading list

nullBranson, Christopher MnullEmerald Group Publishing Limited2008-05-09
Living our values, and putting our heart into what we do2. Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustnullMFTNHSnull
nullCiulla, Joanne BnullElsevier Ltd1999
nullnullnullCommonwealth Secretariat1996-07-01
NHS ConstitutionDepartment of HealthnullThe Stationery Office2015
Leadership without easy answers Heifetz, Ronald A.nullBelknap Press of Harvard University Press1994.
NHS Long Term PlanNHS Englandnullnull2019
Interim NHS People PlanNHS Improvementnullnull2019
Living our local values: the value of valuesNHS InstitutenullThe Stationery Office2009
Stakeholder document: Living our local values9. NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvementnullnull2008
nullPosner, Barry Z ; Munson, J. MichaelnullWiley Subscription Services, Inc., A Wiley Company1979-09
Purpose and visionCoca-Colanullnull2019
Primal leadership : learning to lead with emotional intelligence Goleman, Daniel.1591391849 :; 9781591391845Harvard Business School Pressc2002.
The practice of adaptive leadership : tools and tactics for changing your organization and the world Heifetz, Ronald A.9781422131022Harvard Business Press2009.
ImpactNHS Leadership Academynullnull2019
Core Purpose and ValuesTesco PLCnullnull2019
Living our Local Values: How to assess impactNHS InstitutenullNHS Institute2009
Living our Local Values: How we behave with each otherNHS InstitutenullNHS Institute2009
Living our Local Values: How we behave with our partnersNHS InstitutenullNHS Institute2009
Living our Local Values How we behave with our patientsNHS InstitutenullNHS Institute2009
Living our Local Values: How we communicateNHS InstitutenullNHS Institute2009
Living our Local Values: Our Decision MakingNHS InstitutenullNHS Institute2009
Living our Local Values: Our LeadershipNHS InstitutenullNHS Institute2009
Living our Local Values: Our organisational processesNHS InstitutenullNHS Institute2009
Creating an engaged workforce: findings from the Kingston Employee Engagement ProjectChartered Institute of Personnel and Developmentnullnull2010
Healthcare Management.Walshe, Kieran.nullMcGraw-Hill Education2006.
Healthcare management Walshe, K. & SMith, J.9780335243822Open University Press2011.
Fundamentals of Strategy.Johnson, Gerry.9780273758600Pearson Education UK2013.
Structure in Fives : Designing Effective Organizations.Mintzberg, H.nullPRENTICE HALL INTERNATIONAL1983.
Images of organization Morgan, Gareth,1412939798 (pbk.) :; 9781412939799SAGE2006.
The paradox of control in organizations Streatfield, Philip J.,0415250315; 0415250323 (pbk.) :; 9780415250313; 9780415250320Routledge2001.
Engage for Success websiteEngage for Successnullnullnull
Personal message of support for Engage for Success – Stephen Covey - Engage for SuccessEngage for Successnullnullnull
(Video) Jo Swinson MP, speaks at landmark event to tackle the UK’s employee engagement deficit - Engage for SuccessEngage for Successnullnullnull
Video: Why Engagement Matters - Engage for SuccessEngage for Successnullnullnull
Report Summary: The drivers of employee engagement | Institute for Employment Studies (IES)8. Institute for Employment Studiesnullnull2004
Engaging Managers - CTO on Improving Employee Engagement at Grass Roots - Engage for SuccessEngage for Successnullnullnull
Exploring corporate strategy. Text and cases.Johnson, Gerry9786611853815Prentice Hall Higher Education2008
Engaging for Success: enhancing performance through employee engagement A report to Government by9. MacLeod,D. and Clarke, N.nullnull2009
Twelve top tips on staff engagement | NHS EmployersNHS Employersnullnull2021
Developing collective leadership for health careMichael West, Regina Eckert, Katy Steward, Bill PasmorenullThe King's Fund2014
The people factor: engage your employees for business.ACASnullnull2011
nullBurnes, BernardnullBlackwell Publishing Ltd2004-09
Appreciative inquiry handbook : for leaders of change Cooperrider, David L.9781576754931 (pbk.) :; 1576754936 (pbk.) :Berrett-Koehlerc2008.
Organization development and change Cummings, Thomas G.0324260601; 0324225105 (International ed.); 9780324260601; 9780324225105South-Western2005.
nullDixon-Woods, Mary ; Martin, Graham PnullRoyal College of Physicians2016-10
Quality improvement made simple - The Health FoundationHealth Foundation, Thenullnull2018
The improvement journeyHealth Foundation, Thenullnull2018
Developing People – Improving Care7. National Improvement and Leadership Development Boardnullnull2016
Leading large scale change - a practical guideNHS Englandnullnull2017
Building capacity and capability for improvement: embedding quality improvement skills in NHS providersNHS Improvementnullnull2017
Leading improvement frameworkNHS Improvementnullnull(no date)
QSIR toolsNHS Improvementnullnull2018
nullBargal, David ; Bar, HavivanullBlackwell Publishing Ltd1992-07
nullBatalden, Paul ; Davidoff, Frank ; Marshall, Martin ; Bibby, Jo ; Pink, ColinnullBMJ Publishing Group Ltd2011-04
nullBate, Paul ; Robert, GlennnullBMJ Publishing Group Ltd2006-10
nullBerg, David NnullSage Publications2002-12
Flawless consulting : a guide to getting your expertise used Block, Peter.9786613025937Pfeiffer2010.
Healthcare management null9780335263530 (electronic bk.)McGraw-Hill Education ; Open University Press2016.
Organization development : a process of learning and changing Burke, W. Warner0201508354 :; 9780201508352Addison-Wesleyc1994.
nullCardona, F.nullnullnull
The innovator's dilemma : when new technologies cause great firms to fail Christensen, Clayton M.,9781422197585 (e-book)Harvard Business Review Press2013.
nullCooper, Richard A ; Henderson, Tim ; Dietrich, Craig LnullAmerican Medical Association1998-09-02
Quality improvement in hospital trusts: Sharing learning from trusts on a journey of QI11. Care Quality Commissionnullnull2018
Quality improvement in hospital trusts Sharing learning from trusts on a journey of QI SEPTEMBER 2018Care Quality Commissionnullnull2018
Organizational change : a processual approach Dawson, Patrick.1853962376; 9781853962370Paul Chapman1994.
Out of the Crisis.Deming, W.0262541157; 9780262541152MIT Press2000.
nullDenison, DRnullAcademy of Management1996-07-01
nullDunphy, Dexter ; Stace, DougnullSAGE Publications1993-08
nullElrod, P. David ; Tippett, Donald DnullMCB UP Ltd2002-06-01
nullEmery, MerrelynnullKluwer Academic Publishers-Plenum Publishers2000-10
nullGarvin, David AnullHarvard Business Review1993-07-01
nullGray, Jennynullnull2007
The Power of Pull: How Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion23. Hagel, J., Seely Brown, J. and Davison, L.978-0465028764Basic Books4 Dec. 2012
Organization theory : modern, symbolic, and postmodern perspectives Hatch, Mary Jo.9780199640379Oxford University Press[2013]
The handbook of quality and service improvement tools.The handbook of quality and service improvement tools.nullnull2010
Building the foundations for improvementHealth FoundationnullHealth Foundation2015
The habits of an improverHealth FoundationnullHealth Foundation2015
Join Q | Q CommunityHealth Foundation and NHS Improvementnullnull2019
nullHendry, ChrisnullSAGE Publications1996-05
nullHENDRY, CnullKluwer Academic1996
Exploring corporate strategy. Text and cases.Johnson, Gerry9786611853815Prentice Hall Higher Education2008
Lean thinking for the NHSJones, D. and Mitchel, A.nullNHS Confederation2006
nullKahn, William AnullSage Publications1992-04
The challenge of organizational change : how companies experience it and leaders guide it.Kanter, Rosabeth Moss.0029169917; 9780029169919Free Press1992.
Time to think : listening to ignite the human mind Kline, Nancy.0706377451; 9780706377453Cassell Illustrated1999.
Organizational development through planned change: a development model.Kolb, D.A. and Frohman, A.L.nullMIT1970
Action research in healthcare / Koshy, Elizabeth.9781446247792SAGE2011.
Vygotsky's educational theory in cultural context / [electronic resource]null1-139-93105-9; 1-107-13648-2; 1-280-43087-7; 0-511-84097-7; 0-511-18100-0; 0-511-06186-2; 0-511-20524-4; 0-511-32650-5; 0-511-07032-2Cambridge University Press2003.
Breaking through the wall: removing the barriers to Lean transformation38. KPMG Internationalnullnull2014
Quality improvement : theory and practice in healthcare NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement (Great Britain)9781906535339; 1906535337NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement2008.
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Manual of organizational development : the psychology of change Huffington, Claire.9781849402279Karnac Books1997.
Developing Organisational ConsultancyNeumann, Jean E9780415157032nullnull
nullLewicki, Roy J ; McAllister, Daniel J ; Bies, Robert Inullnull1998
Trust and Trust Building | Beyond IntractabilityLewicki, R.J. and Tomlinson, E.C.nullUniversity of Coloradonull
The dynamics of planned change : a comparative study of principles and techniques Lippitt, Ronald.nullHarcourt Brace & World1958.
Tales for Little RebelsMickenberg, J.L. and Nel, P. (eds.)0814757200, 9780814757208New York University Pres2008
nullMorrison, Brian ; Lilford, RichardnullSage Publications2001-07
Developing Organisational ConsultancyNeumann, Jean E9780415157032null2013-01-01
Organizational behavior [electronic resource] Robbins, Stephen P.,9781292289151 (electronic bk.)Pearson[2019]
Organisational Change31. Iles, V. and Sutherland, K.nullNational Coordinating Centre for the Service Delivery and Organisation.2001
Impact FrameworkNHS Englandnullnullnull
Interim NHS People PlanNH Englandnullnull2019
Creating a culture of compassionate and inclusive leadershipNHS Improvementnullnull2016
Managing change in healthcare : using action research Parkin, Paul.9781412922593 (pbk.) :; 1412922593 (pbk.) :; 9781412922586 (hbk.) :; 1412922585 (hbk.) :SAGE2009.
Lean thinking : banish waste and create wealth in your corporation Womack, James P.0743249275; 9780743249270Free Pressc2003.
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Manual of organizational development : the psychology of change Huffington, C., Cole, C. and Brunning, H.9781849402279Karnac Books1997.
The SAGE Handbook of Action Researchnull9781412920292SAGE Publications Ltdnull
The Improvement guide : a practical approach to enhancing organizational performance null0787902578 :; 9780787902575Jossey-Bassc1996.
nullPickles, John ; Hide, Elaine ; Maher, LynnenullEmerald Group Publishing Limited2008-01-25
The theory of economic development : an inquiry into profits, capital, credit, interest, and the business cycle Schumpeter, Joseph Alois,0878556982 :; 9780878556984Transaction Booksc1983.
Essays: On entrepreneurs, innovations, business cycles and the evolution of capitalismSchumpeter, Joseph A ; Clemence, Richard V9780887387647nullnull
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Organisational development in healthcare : approaches, innovations, achievements null9781315344515; 1315344513CRC Press2017.
Action Research : Living TheoryWhitehead, A Jack.nullSAGE Publications2006.
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CIMA official terminology : 2005 edition null9780080492933; 0080492932CIMA2005.
Using clinical communities to improve qualityHealth Foundation, ThenullThe Health Foundation2013
Effective networks for improvement4. Health Foundation, ThenullThe Health Foundation2014
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Patient-centred leadership: rediscovering our purposeKing’s Fund, Thenullnull2013
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Information SystemsMendelow, Anullnull1981
Online library of quality, service improvement and redesign tools: brainstormingNHS Improvementnullnull2021
Online library of quality, service improvement and redesign tools: stakeholder analysis.NHS Improvementnullnull2022
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The 'Most Significant Change' (MSC) Technique A Guide to Its Use4. Davies, R. and Dart, J.nullnull2005
nullFineout-Overholt, Ellen ; Melnyk, Bernadette Mazurek ; Schultz, AlycenullElsevier Inc2005
Experience based co-design of healthcare services – an innovation case studyIHInullnull2018
nullMayne, J.nullnull2001
nullMohammed, M AnullBMJ Publishing Group Ltd2004-08
NHS Change ModelNHS Englandnullnull2018
Seven steps to measurement for improvementNHS Improvementnullnull2021
Making data countNHS Improvementnullnull2018
EBCD tooklit12. Point of Care Foundationnullnullnull
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Working below the surface : the emotional life of contemporary organizations null9781849404396Karnac Books2004
The NTL handbook of organization development and change : principles, practices, and perspectives null9781118836033Pfeiffer[2014]
The Planning of change null0030636825 :; 9780030636820Holt Rinehart and Winston1984.
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The spread challengeHorton, T., Illingworth, J. and Warburton, W.nullThe Health Foundation2018
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Sustainability model and guideNHS Institutenullnull2010
Managing in the middle, a presentation as part of The Management Forum SeriesOshry, B.nullnullNovember 19, 2003
Handbook of organization development null9780761928126 (cloth); 076192812X (cloth)SAGEc2008.
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