New CS PG course unit codes

From September 2010 the codes for School of Computer Science PG course units are changing to use a new structure. There are two reasons for this.

As before, each course unit name consists of the word COMP, followed by five digits. The new aspect of the structure is in the interpretation of the digits, as follows.

  1. The first digit is "6" for PGT face-to-face course units and "7" for PGR and for PGT distance-learning course units.
  2. The next two digits encode the theme a course unit belongs to: Furthermore, 70 is used for the MSc in Informatics course units.
  3. A sequence number, starting from 1: e.g., COMP60411 is the first course unit in the 4th theme, and COMP60421 is the second course unit in that theme.
  4. The last digit indicates the semester the course unit is taught in: e.g., COMP60411 is taught in semester 1, and COMP60432 is taught in semester 2.

Last modified: Fri Apr 16 12:10:12 2010
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