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Syllabus and materials 2012-2013

Service units

  • COMP00900 Materials Syllabus Foundation in Computer Science
  • COMP19512 - Syllabus Introduction to Computer Systems
  • COMP19612 - Syllabus Business Application Design and Development 2

COMP units available to Computer Science students

COMP units available to Computer Science students

COMP10120First Year Team ProjectSyllabus
(190 students)
COMP11120Mathematical Techniques for Computer ScienceSyllabus
(164 students)
COMP11212Fundamentals of ComputationSyllabus
(159 students)
COMP12111Fundamentals of Computer EngineeringSyllabus
(139 students)
COMP14112Fundamentals of Artificial IntelligenceSyllabus
(158 students)
COMP15111Fundamentals of Computer ArchitectureSyllabus
(148 students)
COMP16121Object Oriented Programming with Java 1Syllabus
(195 students)
COMP16212Object Oriented Programming with Java 2Syllabus
(195 students)
COMP18112Fundamentals of Distributed SystemsSyllabus
(174 students)
COMP21111Logic and ModellingSyllabus
(127 students)
COMP22111Processor MicroarchitectureSyllabus
(45 students)
(101 students)
COMP23111Fundamentals of DatabasesSyllabus
(200 students)
COMP23420Software EngineeringSyllabus
(217 students)
COMP24111Machine Learning and OptimisationSyllabus
(87 students)
COMP24412Symbolic AISyllabus
(49 students)
COMP25111Operating SystemsSyllabus
(204 students)
COMP25212System ArchitectureSyllabus
(144 students)
COMP26120Algorithms and Imperative ProgrammingSyllabus
(216 students)
COMP27112Computer Graphics and Image ProcessingSyllabus
(191 students)
COMP28112Distributed ComputingSyllabus
(160 students)
COMP28411Computer NetworksSyllabus
(112 students)
COMP28512Mobile SystemsSyllabus
(61 students)
COMP300303rd Year Project (Joint Hons 30 Credits)Syllabus
(43 students)
COMP300403rd Year Project (Single Honours 40 Credits)Syllabus
(158 students)
COMP31111Verified DevelopmentSyllabus
(47 students)
COMP31212Concurrency and Process AlgebraSyllabus
(59 students)
COMP32111System-on-chip Modelling with SystemCSyllabus
(15 students)
COMP32212Implementing System-on-Chip DesignsSyllabus
(15 students)
COMP33111Data Integration and AnalysisSyllabus
(63 students)
COMP33212Advanced Database SystemsSyllabus
(71 students)
COMP33411Software Design using PatternsSyllabus
(92 students)
COMP33512User ExperienceSyllabus
(84 students)
COMP33711Agile Software EngineeringSyllabus
(47 students)
COMP33812Software EvolutionSyllabus
(47 students)
COMP34120AI and GamesSyllabus
(43 students)
COMP34411Natural Language SystemsSyllabus
(18 students)
COMP34512Knowledge Representation and ReasoningSyllabus
(17 students)
COMP35112Chip MultiprocessorsSyllabus
(78 students)
COMP36111Advanced Algorithms 1Syllabus
(76 students)
COMP36212Advanced Algorithms IISyllabus
(29 students)
COMP36411Understanding Programming LanguagesSyllabus
(93 students)
(99 students)
COMP37111Advanced Computer GraphicsSyllabus
(55 students)
COMP37212Computer VisionSyllabus
(35 students)
COMP38212Topics in Advanced Information RetrievalSyllabus
(22 students)
COMP38411Cryptography and Network SecuritySyllabus
(77 students)
COMP38512Digital Wireless Communication and NetworksSyllabus
(16 students)
COMP39112Quantum ComputingSyllabus
(10 students)
COMP40901Industrial Group ProjectSyllabus
(9 students)
COMP60332Automated Reasoning and VerificationSyllabus
(19 students)
COMP60342Optimization for learning, planning and problem-solvingSyllabus
(18 students)
COMP60411Semi-structured Data and the WebSyllabus
(46 students)
COMP60421Ontology Engineering for the Semantic WebSyllabus
(39 students)
COMP60532Principles of Digital BiologySyllabus
(32 students)
COMP60542Introduction to Health InformaticsSyllabus
(28 students)
COMP60611Parallel Programs and their PerformanceSyllabus
(22 students)
COMP6062aDesigning for ParallelismSyllabus
(0 students)
COMP6062bFuture Multi-core ComputingSyllabus
(0 students)
COMP60711Data EngineeringSyllabus
(64 students)
COMP60731Advanced Database Management SystemsSyllabus
(26 students)
COMP61011Foundations of Machine LearningSyllabus
(47 students)
COMP61021Modelling and visualization of high-dimensional dataSyllabus
(30 students)
COMP61232Mobile SystemsSyllabus
(23 students)
COMP61242Mobile CommunicationsSyllabus
(31 students)
COMP61332Text MiningSyllabus
(19 students)
COMP61342Computer VisionSyllabus
(13 students)
COMP61521Component-based Software DevelopmentSyllabus
(60 students)

Service units not taken by Computer Science students

COMP00900Foundation in Computer ScienceSyllabus
(0 students)
COMP19512Introduction to Computer SystemsSyllabus
(22 students)
COMP19612Business Application Design and Development 2Syllabus
(21 students)