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WARNING - the timetable data found below this section is currently not updating. The data was last updated on 20th August 2021. You are advised to switch to using the pages linked above this message.

  • COMP30030 Third Year Project Laboratory
  • COMP30040 Third Year Project Laboratory
  • COMP33511 User Experience
  • COMP34120 AI and Games
  • COMP36111 Algorithms and Complexity
  • COMP36511 Compilers
  • COMP37111 Advanced Computer Graphics
  • COMP38411 Cryptography and System Security
  • MATH32001 Group Theory
  • MATH32051 Hyperbolic Geometry
  • MATH32091 Combinatorics and Graph Theory
  • MATH33011 Mathematical Logic
  • MATH34001 Applied Complex Analysis
  • MATH36001 Matrix Analysis
  • MATH36061 Convex Optimisations