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Help and Support

If you are experiencing any problems, whether academic, personal or a university matter, then it is extremely important that you talk to someone at the earliest opportunity.

What is your problem?

If you are experiencing a problem then it is important you talk to someone. Who you approach largely depends upon your problem, whether it is academic, personal or simply a problem with your Computer Science computer account.

General Problems

If you have any general questions about life in the School then you may find the answer to your question on the student wiki.

Academic & Personal Problems

If you are experiencing problems that you feel are affecting your academic performance, then please talk to someone. In the first instance you can talk to your personal tutor, or if you prefer you can talk to a 1st year tutor, or a member of staff from the Student Support Office (SSO) - further contact details are given below. The most important thing to remember is that we are here to help. Anything you tell a member of staff will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

The University offers a number of support mechanisms for dealing with problems such as finding accommodation, dealing with harassment, personal counseling and medical advice, these can be accessed via the School student support pages. If you are unsure who you should speak to then the SSO team will be able to provide advice.


If you are absent for any reason then it is important that you notify us.

Reporting a short-term absence

Attendance at scheduled teaching activities is strongly recommended in the first year. If you are absent and have a reason, such as illness, personal problem etc, then please inform someone:

  • for labs and examples classes, inform the member of academic staff responsible for the labs/examples class
  • for lectures, inform SSO and you will be excused for your absence
  • for any prolonged absence up to 5 days, inform SSO of your absence, clearly stating the period of your absence and the reason why, and you will be excused from any missed activities
  • for any prolonged absence greater than 5 days you must report this absence (for your own benefit) by submitting a mitigating circumstances form to SSO, making sure you provide any documentary evidence for for absence
Reporting a long-term absence or any mitigating circumstances

If you have been ill for an extended period (generally more than 5 days), or you have any personal problem that you feel has affected your studies, or you miss an assessment due a unforeseen reason, then you should complete a mitigating circumstances form and submit it to SSO, indicating what has been affected and how. You must make sure you provide any documentary evidence, such as Doctor's note.

A mitigating circumstances form must be signed off by your year tutor, otherwise it will not be accepted by SSO. The undergraduate handbook describes our mitigating circumstances procedures in detail. You can be rest assured that all information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Computer Problems

If you are experiencing problems with the computers, software, etc in the School then you should contact the IT services desk on 0161 306 5544 or visit the IT Services website. If you have forgotton your username and/or password, or would like to change your password then please use the IT Account Manager webpages.

Who can help?

The first year tutors are responsible for the welfare of all first year undergraduate students in the School and monitor attendance and academic progression. Your year tutor depends upon your degree programme. If you are experiencing any academic or personal problems, thinking of changing or leaving your degree programme, or want to discuss course options etc, then the year tutors are here to help. Contact details for the first year tutors can be found on the first year intranet page.

Personal Tutor

You are assigned a personal tutor during Welcome Week and they are available to discuss any personal or academic problems you may be experiencing. You will meet your tutor every week at your weekly tutorial meetings - check your teaching timetable. Contact details for academic staff can be found on the School webpages.

Student Support Office

The School Student Support Office (SSO) provides administrative support for teaching and for all undergraduate, taught & research postgraduates, full & part-time students, from registration to graduation.

The Student Support Office staff are here to help and can be contacted by phone, in person, or by email using the details on the Student Support Office webpage.

The SSO office is temporarily closed

In order to support the student experience on-campus, we have created a Student Support Hub, adhering to Covid safety measures.

The Student Support Hub will be open Monday-Friday 09.00-16:45 from Monday 21st September.

  • South Campus Student Support Hub:

o    Location: Booth Street East Building, first floor (link to Campus map)

The Student Support Hubs will provide you with the following services:

·         Signposting and answering queries relating to your course.

·         Student Support and Welfare guidance and support.

Services your department support office would normally provide

General Staff Contacts

The following lists useful staff contacts for undergraduate students.

Staff offices are located in the Kilburn Building (building 39 on the campus map) and the IT building (building 40 on the campus map) which is attached by bridge to the first floor of the Kilburn building.

Floor plans for the Kilburn and IT buildings can be found here.