Perentie supports monitoring various devices. The following architectures are supported to some extent.

ARM 00 Highly experimental. Currently missing a disassembler and register write access.
STUMP 03 Fully supported.
MU0 04 Fully supported.

Manchester Lab Board

The Manchester Lab Board is the primary target for much of the Perentie platform as it is used in the labs.

'Ackie' Back-end

This back-end runs on the Manchester Lab Board and provides a platform for monitoring simple 16-bit CPUs on the onboard Xilinx FPGA. It was built to support students developing MU0 and STUMP CPUs.

This back-end emulates a 16-bit memory space with a number of memory-mapped peripherals, clock and reset generation as well as a scan-path control for reading internal processor registers.

Type Development Board
Architecture STUMP (03)
MU0 (04)
Website Ackie (Github)

ARM Back-end

A back-end running on the Manchester Lab Board which emulates an ARM processor with various memory mapped peripherals and an FPGA. This is the back-end which Komodo was originally built for.

Type Development Board
Architecture ARM (00)
Website Manchester Lab Board


A number of software based emulators are available which allows Perentie to be used without any special hardware.


A simple STUMP emulator.

If you require access to this backend please contact Jonathan Heathcote since this tool is also used for marking some coursework excercises and can be used to generate model answers.

Type Emulator
Architecture STUMP (03)
Contact Jonathan Heathcote (


The ARM emulator back-end originally built for Komodo. The emulator is extensible, stable and reasonably efficient.

Type Emulator
Architecture ARM (00)
Website Komodo Project