Perentie Screenshot

What is Perentie?

Perentie is a simple, graphical CPU monitor and debugger supporting a range of architectures. It is designed by the University of Manchester School of Computer Science for educational use by students learning about CPU architecture and CPU design.

After becoming frustrated with the task of extending Komodo to cope with the 16-bit STUMP and MU0 processors, Perentie was designed as a more flexible debug monitor tool. Perentie hopes maintain compatibility with Komodo and, one day, to overtake Komodo.

Various targets are supported including emulators and the Manchester Lab Board. Currently the STUMP and MU0 architectures are well supported as well as partial support for ARM. Completely new architectures can be added with a modest amount of work.

Get Perentie v0.2.1

To download the latest stable version of Perentie using the button below. Alternatively, head over to the download page to get the latest development snapshots.

Download Stable Version