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Undergraduate Exams Papers 2009-2010

Undergraduate Papers from other years

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If you cannot find the paper you are looking for here then please try the university's past exam paper repository.

The purpose of examinations is to assess candidates' understanding of the Course Unit material. To prepare for the examination, therefore, candidates should concentrate their efforts on studying the subject being examined, and not on anticipating detailed practices likely to be employed when awarding marks. For this reason, Department policy is that marking schemes (also known as 'model answers') for examinations are not published.

To prepare for an examination, all that is required - beyond basic examination technique - is a thorough understanding of the material in question.

Undergraduate feedback archive

Prior to semester two 2012/13 feeedback was often presented in a single document for a year rather than by unit. To ascertain a full set of feedback please use the documents listed here in conjunction with the individual course unit feedback listed below.

Semester 1
Semester 2

COMP10020 Mathematical Techniques for Computer Science (2009-2010)

COMP10031 Fundamentals of Computer Architecture (2009-2010)

COMP10042 Fundamentals of Computation (2009-2010)

COMP10052 Fundamentals of Distributed Systems (2009-2010)

COMP10211 Fundamentals of Computer Engineering (2009-2010)

COMP10412 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (2009-2010)

COMP10502 Mathematics for Computer Systems Engineers (2009-2010)

COMP17022 Introduction to Computer Systems (2009-2010)

COMP17512 Business Application Design and Development 2 (2009-2010)

COMP20010 Algorithms and Imperative Programming (2009-2010)

COMP20032 Distributed Computing (2009-2010)

COMP20051 Operating Systems (2009-2010)

COMP20072 Computer Graphics and Image Processing (2009-2010)

COMP20081 Computer Networks (2009-2010)

COMP20092 System Architecture (2009-2010)

COMP20141 Logic and Modelling (2009-2010)

COMP20241 VLSI System Design (2009-2010)

COMP20252 Mobile Systems (2009-2010)

COMP20312 Fundamentals of Databases (2009-2010)

COMP20340 Software Engineering (2009-2010)

COMP20411 Machine Learning (2009-2010)

COMP20442 Symbolic AI (2009-2010)

COMP20512 Algorithms and Imperative Programming (2009-2010)

COMP30001 High Performance Microprocessors (2009-2010)

COMP30061 Applying UML and Patterns (2009-2010)

COMP30071 Advanced Computer Graphics (2009-2010)

COMP30082 Cryptography and Network Security (2009-2010)

COMP30092 Digital Wireless Communication and Networks (2009-2010)

COMP30112 Concurrency (2009-2010)

COMP30142 Compilers (2009-2010)

COMP30151 Understanding Programming Languages (2009-2010)

COMP30172 Advanced Algorithms (2009-2010)

COMP30202 From Transistors to Systems-on-Chip (2009-2010)

COMP30222 Quantum Computing (2009-2010)

COMP30251 Optical Computing (2009-2010)

COMP30291 Digital Media Processing (2009-2010)

COMP30311 Advanced Databases (2009-2010)

COMP30332 Software Evolution (2009-2010)

COMP30341 Model-Based Software Design (2009-2010)

COMP30351 Engineering Web Applications (2009-2010)

COMP30412 Knowledge Representation (2009-2010)

COMP30421 Natural Language Engineering (2009-2010)

COMP30432 Computer Vision (2009-2010)

COMP37321 Software Engineering 3 (2009-2010)

COMP37332 Data Integration and Analysis (2009-2010)

COMP37342 Topics in Advanced Information Retrieval (2009-2010)

COMP37412 Dialogue Systems (2009-2010)