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UG study & curriculum

UG handbook

The handbook contains updated information about your studies and describes other matters important to our undergraduate students. It is updated every year.

In the handbook you'll find details and advice on such matters as:

  • Registering for your degree
  • Session dates
  • A list of degree programmes and the aims of the programmes
  • Function of the Student Services Office
  • Tutoring arrangements
  • The School's advisory service and the University's counselling service
  • How the School measures a student's progress
  • What to do if you are ill or have to be absent for other reasons
  • Transferring out of or withdrawing from a course
  • How teaching is organised here
  • Industrial experience
  • Assessment
  • Committees which determine aspects of our degree courses
  • Resources
  • Communications
  • Code of Practice
  • Health and Safety
  • Professional bodies
  • Complaints
  • Staff with undergraduate responsibilities

UG syllabus (course details)