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UG programme options

How to take options

  1. Use the links to individual programmes below to determine which units you may select to complete your programme (including pre-approved external course units).
  2. Whilst we attempt to provide a timetable which will work with the most popular external choices it is not possible to deliver a clash free timetable for every conceivable set of options. Therefore, if you are considering an external course unit it is important that you check whether the timetable is viable. This is particularly important for Single Honours students for whom there are a large number of external choices.
  3. If considering an external option read the information about taking external options and ensure there are no timetable clashes with your other units.
  4. Read the Student System Self Service Guide to Course Unit Selection
  5. If you have any issues enrolling on units please see the Common Enrolment Issues Guide.
  6. If you are registered on an Ordinary degree programme optional units must be agreed with the relevant Year Tutor and then e-mailed to the Student Support Office who will enrol you. The 3rd Year Project unit is mandatory for all Ordinary programmes.
  7. Login to MyManchester and make your choices (mandatory units will be added automatically).
  8. The deadline for changing course units in each semester is the Friday of the 2nd week of teaching.

    You will only be entered for examinations for the course units you are registered on so ensure that your record is up to date by the relevant deadline.

Course unit selection dates 2022/23

4th year MEng students should read the information regarding PGT course unit selection.

8th August to 15:30 on the 7th of October 2022

COMP course unit selection for returning 2nd and 3rd year students. Most external units will also be open for enrolment during this period.

22nd August

Maths course unit selection for returning 2nd and 3rd year Computer Science and Mathematics students will open 22nd August 9am Year 2 students, 1pm Year 3 students.

12th September 2022

COMP course unit selection for 1st year students.

16th Jan 2023 - closes 15:00 on 10th February 2023

Course unit selection open for years 1-3.

Course units