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Student Representatives


The School of Computer Science places great importance on building and maintaining excellent relationships between students and staff.

Our elected Student Representatives play a major role in helping to achieve this, and we are very grateful for your time and support.

This page gives you information which we think you will find useful. If there are other resources which you think should appear and don't, please contact one of your Student Rep Staff Co-ordinators based in the School's Student Support Office (SSO)

Notification of elections

Undergraduate representatives

Year tutors email students with details and also encourage participation in lectures.

Postgraduate taught representatives

Student representatives are identified in sessions during welcome week.

Postgraduate research representatives

Representatives are invited to volunteer from amongst the PGR mentors.

Representatives will be appointed before the University's Students' Union student rep training event is scheduled (mid-October) with the first Staff-Student Consultative Committee (SSCC) meeting arranged for after the training.

The number of representatives appointed is the number of seats indicated on the commitee pages.


School staff attendance at Staff Student Consultative Committee meetings

Undergraduate representatives

Meetings are attended by the Director and Deputy Directors of UG Studies and a member of SSO staff plus other members of the UG committee depending on the meeting agenda.

Postgraduate taught representatives

Meetings are attended by the Director of PGT Studies, Programme Directors and a member of SSO staff.

Postgraduate research representatives

Meetings are attended by the Director of PGR Studies, PGR Tutor and a member of SSO staff.

Additional committee duties

Some representatives may be asked to sit on additional committees. Volunteers will be sought from amongst the appointed representatives

Manchester Leadership Programme volunteering credits

Up to 15 hours spent as a student representative can count towards a quarter of the MLP volunteering requirement. For more information, refer to the MLP pages.

The verification form will need to be signed by the appropriate committee secretary in SSO.