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Mentor scheme


Welcome to the School of Computer Science Research Students Peer Mentoring Program.

The first year of your PhD can be a difficult time - it can be difficult making the transition to a research degree and you may also have moved to a new area or discipline.

In order to help new research students through their first year the mentors team provide support for a series of events and offer advice in a variety of different ways.

The mentoring service is a simple, informal, way for you to get extra help and advice about studying for a PhD at the University of Manchester from those who have been through it before you. It is open to all PhD Students in the School.

Getting support from a mentor

The mentoring scheme links incoming 1st year Research Students (mentees) with 2nd or 3rd years (mentors) within their school. The mentors offer help and advice on settling in Manchester and a range of issues related to undertaking postgraduate study.

We have a number of 2nd and 3rd year PhD students who have been trained as mentors who you can contact with a range of queries or concerns including:

  • A student perspective on key stages of your research - report submission, vivas.
  • Help with administrative arrangements within your department- using the computing facilities, getting a student card.
  • Suggestions for other sources of help and advice.
  • Information about Manchester and the local area.
  • Tours of the campus and/or department.

Important caveat

  • Mentors are neither trained counsellors nor academic staff (yet).
  • The help and advice offered is always given with the proviso that it is derived from the mentor's personal experience alone.
  • If professional help is required the mentoring documentation contains a range of contact numbers.

Limitations to support

Mentors are not here to help you write your PhD thesis. They will be able to give you tips and suggestions on how to motivate yourself but are not equipped to give advice on content of submissions. For academic queries, you should deal with your supervisor, advisor or other members of staff.

Contacting a mentor

If you need help or advice you can contact the mentoring team using the mentors' mailing list or contact a mentor individually from the current mentors page.

School representation

Mentors represent PGR students on the School Board, the Health and Safety Committee and sit on the Staff-Student Consultative committee as PGR student representatives. If you have an issue you want raised formally with the School speak to a mentor.