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Current PGR students


Email is our primary method for communication and it is your responsibility to check your University of Manchester inbox frequently. If you do not frequently check your email you will miss important information and the department cannot be responsible for the consequences.

There is also the PGR news letter which contains various relevant articles.

About the research school

The Research School provides an organisational framework within which PhD students conduct research in the School of Computer Science. While research students are members of groups, the research school has overall responsibility for monitoring student progress, for ensuring that students have a supportive environment in which to work, and for ensuring that research students make a significant contribution to the research of the school.

The documents within these webpages outline the procedures and activities associated with the school.

If these pages do not contain some information that you think they should please contact us with your suggestion.

PGR directors

Contacting other staff

Links for new students

Careers information for students

What makes a good post-doc application?

Applying for a post-doc position

You seldom work efficiently if you work long hours

Accessing services offered by support staff

PGR students often access the services offerd by support staff.

The School has a general office called the Academic Support Office (ACSO) which should be your first contact if you don't know how to access a particular service.

The following links may be useful.

Research related links