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UG Year 2 information

Second Year Tutor

The second year single honours tutor is Ahmed Saeed:

Tutors are available for an Open Hour once a week when students can visit them in their office.

If you are a CM student then your tutor can be found in the list of tutor open hours.

What to do when things go wrong

Of course we all hope that your 2nd year will go smoothly, but when things do seem to be going wrong we have a number of ways to help. The most important thing to remember (throughout your degree, not just in the 2nd year) is not to keep the problems to yourself. If we know that you are having difficulties of some kind, we may be able to help directly, and even if we can't we'll probably be able to take things into account when it comes to deciding on degree classifications and so on.

So if you are experiencing any difficulties, in particular anything that may affect your academic performance, please speak to someone. This could be your personal tutor, or if you prefer, come to speak to me; anything you say will be treated in confidence.

I am also able to help with questions about course units, registering mitigating circumstances, changing programme and many other things so if you need help please get in touch.

If you are emailing me about 2nd year related matters, please include the tag #year2 in the subject of your email -- this will help ensure that any queries are dealt with promptly.

Lab manual

Tutorial Groups

All second year single and joint honours students have fortnightly tutorial groups. Where possible, the tutorial groups have been preserved from the first year and stay with the same tutor. However this is not always the case so it is important to confirm the group arrangements.

Tutorial activities

Semester 1

  • Week 1/2: Reflection. One-to-one personal reviews with your tutor to discuss the first year, especially your first year results, and to make sure that you've chosen your second year options.
  • Week 11/12: Reflection. One-to-one personal reviews with your tutor to discuss your progress over the semester and to help you with your preparation for the Semester 1 exams

Semester 2

  • Weeks 5/6: One-to-one personal reviews to discuss the results of the Semester 1 exams
  • Weeks 9/10: One-to-one personal reviews to reflect on the second year, to discuss any issues relating to your choice of third year project, and prepare for the Semester 2 exams.

Changing your course units

Instructions for choosing and changing course units are in the options & themes page.

Changing your degree programme

You can change your degree programme at any point during the 2nd year, subject to having met the right conditions (e.g. having done the right 1st and 2nd year course units) and having permission from the appropriate members of staff.

To start the process of changing your degree programme you will need to get a Change Of Degree form from the School Office and collect the appropriate signatures on it (this will usually involve getting your personal tutor and whoever is responsible for the new degree programme to agree to your change).