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UG Year 3 information

Tim Morris

Meet the Computer Science Single Honours Third Year Tutor

Hello, the Third Year Single Honours tutor is me, Tim Morris (click for contact details).

The role of the Third Year tutor is to provide general support for third year students, to monitor their progress, and to help you get smoothly and successfully through your final year. You can come and talk to me anytime, but emailing to make an appointment is preferable, if it's a non-urgent matter.

Tutors are available for an Open Hour once a week when students can visit them in their office.

Finding the 3rd Year Tutor for your programme

What to do if things go wrong

The third year is a crucial year for your studies, and it is essential that you make the Department aware of any difficulties you are experiencing which you feel are affecting your work, or which might affect your work.

You can talk to me in confidence about any aspect of your third year studies, and I'll be as helpful as I can. This may involve directing you to other support services the University provides for dealing with problems such as finding accommodation, dealing with harassment, personal counselling and medical advice. You can find out more about these services from the Department's student services pages.

You may also wish to approach your Personal Tutor from your First and Second years, or your Project Supervisor (who becomes your personal tutor for this year), to discuss things.

It's crucial that you keep us informed of any difficulties you experience. If you don't, we can't help you, and we would like to help you. Most importantly we will need documentary evidence of any problems that you would like us to consider: this can include a doctor's note (or similar) and you must complete a Mitigating Circumstances Form. The Department Handbook describes our Mitigating Circumstances procedures in detail. If in doubt, please ask me.

Course unit selection

Final Year Exams

  • Please be aware that there are no resits for 3rd Year exams. You only have one attempt at your Third Year exams.
  • We talked about the consequences of failing an exam in the Intro Week Talk. It's also discussed in the Undergraduate Handbook.

Current job opportunities

Degree result predictor

What happens to my email account and filestore when I graduate?

Your right to use the computers within the Department and University terminates on the last day of the summer term each year; however, we will not take any action until the Monday following the Graduation ceremony. After this time the accounts will be disabled and the filestore deleted.

If you are staying on to do a fourth year or to undertake research, your account will obviously not be deleted or disabled.

Support for web pages is not provided for students who have left so it's up to you to save anything before you graduate.

You can register with Your Manchester Online and get a free e-mail address for life.