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Computer Science and Mathematics degree programme

Andrea Schalk

The CM Tutor

Hello, I am the tutor for all joint honours Computer Science and Mathematics (short: CM) students, Andrea Schalk (click for contact details).

The role of the CM tutor is to provide general support for CM student. You will find that your personal tutor may not have much knowledge relating specifically to your programme, and when they cannot help then you should come to me. Get in touch by emailing me, or by dropping by during my Open Hour.

You should also consult the page for your year to find information relevant to the year you are entering such as tutorials, projects, welcome week activities etc.

Degree Programme

You can find information about your degree programme in a number of places.

Timetable information

After a student has selected their options the chosen course units' timetables will appear on their personal timetable in MyManchester.

To view course unit timetables prior to selecting options the computer science timetable will contain most of the information you need, but it may not contain all the supervision classes in mathematics, nor course units that are rarely picked by CM students. You can find these on the maths webpages. Note that the latter also has information about coursework deadlines and in-class tests.

Everything going well? Or not?

If there is anything bothering you then you are very welcome to talk to me about it. Alternatively you might prefer to talk to your personal tutor to discuss matters since they will have got to know you. If we cannot help you directly we can point you in the right direction.

It's crucial that you keep us informed of any difficulties you experience. If you don't, we can't help you, and we would like to help you. Most importantly we will need documentary evidence of any problems that you would like us to consider: this can include a doctor's note (or similar) and you must complete a Mitigating Circumstances Form. The School Handbook describes our Mitigating Circumstances procedures in detail. If in doubt, please ask me.

If you are unhappy about anything regarding your experience in Manchester, or if there's something you are struggling with, there are a number of things you can do:

  • Talk to me, and I'll pass it on to the relevant people.
  • Talk to your PASS leader - even if you haven't been for a few weeks they'll be glad to see you back, and more than glad to help you.
  • Put something into the suggestion box on the lower first floor.
  • Talk to the student reps on the Staff Student Consultative Committee, either in CS or in Maths depending on the topic.
  • Contact somebody else in CS or Maths

What else?

Contact me if you think that there is other information that should be on this page.