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UG programme options and themes

How to take options

  1. Use the links to individual programmes below to determine which units you may select to complete your programme (including pre-approved external course units).
  2. If considering an external option read the information about taking external options and ensure there are no timetable clashes with your other units.
  3. Read the Student System Self Service Guide to Course Unit Selection
  4. If you entered a programme as a Direct Entry second year student there will be some units you won't be able to add yourself as you will not have taken the COMP pre-requisites. Please e-mail in this instance.
  5. If you are registered on an Ordinary degree programme optional units must be agreed with the relevant Year Tutor and then e-mailed to the Student Support Office who will enrol you. The 3rd Year Project unit is mandatory for all Ordinary programmes.
  6. Login to MyManchester and make your choices (mandatory units will be added automatically).
  7. If MyManchester prohibits your selection because you lack a pre-requisite course contact the course lecturer and ask for permission to attend the course. If permission is granted notify the Student Support Office who will enrol you on the unit(s). If you are a resit student and cannot enrol because you have not yet passed the relevant pre-requisite you only need notify the Student Support Office.
  8. You will not be able to enrol on units where you have a compensated pass in the relevant pre-requisite. Please notify the Student Support Office and they will enrol you.
  9. If you see the error message "There are no Academic Advisement rules defined..." when trying to enrol please see this advice on issues affecting course unit selection.

The deadline for changing course units in each semester is the Friday of the 2nd week of teaching.

You will only be entered for examinations for the course units you are registered on so ensure that your record is up to date by the relevant deadline.

Course unit selection dates 2017/18

4th year MEng students should read the information regarding PGT course unit selection.

11am on 12th July 2017 (closing date tbc)

Early Maths course unit selection for returning 2nd and 3rd year Computer Science and Mathematics students. Computer Science units will be open from the 21st of July.

21st July to 6th September 2017

COMP course unit selection for returning 2nd and 3rd year students. Most external units will also be open for enrolment during this period..

1st September 2017

COMP course unit selection for 1st year students.

First two weeks of semester 2 - closes 15:30 on 9th February 2018

Course unit selection open for years 1-3.