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Data backup

Backing up your data

  1. It is your personal responsibility to ensure that you keep safe copies of your work in suitable places. You should never keep just a single copy of your work in a single place.
  2. The School ensures the integrity of your home directory against system failure. But, if you accidentally delete any of your work, the School is not able to guarantee its recovery.
  3. This applies to all your work, such as lab exercises, coursework, essays, assignments, and projects.
  4. You should keep backup copies of your work, in places other than your School home directory.
  5. The University provides centralised backup facilities you can use for free.
  6. Examples of other backup facilities include:
    • laptops and mobile devices;
    • USB sticks and external hard disks;
    • cloud storage services, such as those offered by Apple, Dropbox, Google and other companies. Please note that such services are not in any way endorsed by the University, and that it is your responsibility to check that their terms and conditions are appropriate for your use.
  7. Devices fail, and can be lost or stolen, so always make multiple backups in different places.