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UG Year 4 information

Welcome week

  • On arrival in October it is Welcome week. You should ensure you attend this week's events.
  • Please pay particular attention to the times put aside for me to meet you when I can check your course unit choices and and address any other concerns you may have.
Tim Morris

MEng And Fourth Year Tutor

Hello, the MEng programme manager, Fourth Year and MEng tutor is Tim Morris, Tim Morris (click for contact details).

The role of the fourth Year tutor is to provide general support for fourth year students, to monitor their progress, and to help you get smoothly and successfully through your final year. You can talk to me anytime, but emailing to make an appointment is preferable, if it's a non-urgent matter.

Tutors are available for an Open Hour once a week when students can talk to them.

Students arrive back from their summer placement into the fourth year and need to adjust to being effectively a post-graduate who will spend almost all the time with other Masters level students. In fact the PGT pages will often prove to be more useful than undergraduate pages for information.

In the fourth year you will take a total of 130 credits made up of 25 credits you have already started as they are part of your summer placement and seven 15 credit modules. Your year is again split into two semesters, but now, each semester is two six week periods. There is no reading week but each six week period has a catch-up week in the sixth week.

  • Welcome Week
  • Semester 1 (October - January)
    • Period 1
    • Period 2
  • Semester 2 (February - June)
    • Period 3
    • Period 4

There are two activities left over from the summer placement COMP40901. You must hand-in your placement report by the 23rd October 2020 and finally there is a seminar to give which will hopefully be scheduled for w/c 23rd October 2020.

Key Dates in the Academic Year 2020/2021. Some exact dates have yet to be confirmed.
Period/Event Dates

Welcome Weeks + Summer Reports Due

w/c 5th and 12 October - 23rd October

Deadline for Course Unit Registration

16:00 on 16 October

Semester 1 Period 1 course unit teaching

26 October – 4th December

Deadline for Semester 1 Period 2 course unit changes

4 December

MEng Seminars

w/c 26th October
Integrated with 3rd Year Seminars. But different structure and guidelines! These will be drop-ins via zoom for these 3 weeks.
There is some guidance in PDF format.

You can check your seminar time and date here:

Coursework Completion Period 1

4th December - 7th December

Semester 1 Period 2 course unit teaching

4 December - 22nd January

Coursework Completion Period 2

22nd January - 25th January


21 December 2020 - 4 January 2021

Deadline for Sem. 2 Periods 3 & 4 course unit changes

5th February, 2021

Semester 1 Periods 1 & 2 examinations

25th January - 5th February 2021

Semester 2 Period 3 course unit teaching

8th February – 19th March

Coursework Completion Period 3

19th March -22nd March

Semester 2 Period 4 course unit teaching

22nd March - 14th May


29th March - 12th April

Coursework Completion Period 4

14th May - 19th May

Semester 2 Periods 3 & 4 examinations

19th May - 9th June

Modules in the fourth year are six weeks long with each consisting of 5 weeks of lectures and laboratories followed by a catch up week. In each six week period you are expected to take one or two (never more than two!) COMP4XXXX, COMP6XXXX or other modules which are all worth 15 credits each for a total of 75 credits. There are two compulsory modules worth 40 credits:

  • COMP40901 The Summer Placement
  • Plagiarism and Malpractice Unit. Zero credit course taken online (Blackboard) during Welcome Week or as soon as possible afterwards.
  • COMP40411 Aspire-your future-a non-credit bearing careers unit
  • Period 4: MCEL40042 Business Feasibility Study

In addition it is compulsory to take exactly one of the small set of business or enterprise modules (subject to changes) which are worth 15 credits:

  •  BMAN73271 Decision Behaviour, Analysis and Support.
  •  BMAN70391 Strategic Project Organising
  •  BMAN60422 Data Analytics for Business Decision Making.
  •  BMAN71652 Information and Knowledge Management.
  •  MCEL63402 Essential Risk Management for Business.

The full "Year 4 MEng" timetable can be found here.

MEng Course Choices