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Using external 'help' websites and Academic Malpractice

The School has become aware of several incidents of students seeking help with their assessed labwork by posting their code to external websites. Some of these sites are free help sites for programmers; some are 'programmer-for-hire' sites where people offer to solve other people's programming problems, for money.

The School considers the posting of coursework code to any external website for the purpose of getting help whether paid or not, as Academic Malpractice, regardless of the outcome of the posting.

If you are found guilty of Academic Malpractice you face penalties ranging from zeroing of specific marks, to reduction of Degree classification, or even expulsion from the University.

We understand that it's only natural for you to seek help when you need it, but we urge you to seek help within the School in an open and transparent way. If your course has a Moodle or Blackboard Forum, ask there. If you are a Y1 or Y2 student, you could use PASS.

Remember, it's okay to ask for help so you understand things better. It is not okay to ask for someone else to do your work for you.


Do not post your code, or any assessed work, to 'help' websites outside the School. Doing so is formally considered by the School to be Academic Malpractice, and the University deals with such Academic Malpractice very firmly.