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Reporting absence

Short-term absence - up to 5 days

  • Complete a late flag removal request form which is also available from the Student Support Office.

    The form is only to be used for short term absences (5 days or less). Both this form AND the assessment(s) concerned must be submitted within 1 week of the relevant submission deadline. Forms submitted more than 1 week after the submission deadline will not be accepted unless there are mitigating circumstances.

    Circumstances or events that would not normally merit consideration include:

    • job interviews/assessments, part-time work, holidays/entertainment;
    • forgetting to submit work (without a good reason).

Long-term absence - more than 5 days

If you have been ill for an extended period (more than 5 days), or you have any personal problem that you feel has affected your studies, or you miss an assessment due a unforeseen reason, then you should complete a mitigating circumstances form and submit it to the student support office, indicating what has been affected and how. You must make sure you provide any documentary evidence, such as Doctor's note.

The undergraduate handbook describes our mitigating circumstances procedures in detail. You can be rest assured that all information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence.