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  • Research School Irregular

    Published: Tuesday, 30 March 2021

    A newsletter for PGR

    [ top ]Research School Irregular

    Discord Server for PGRs and Staff

    The department has an unofficial Discord server run by PhDs and postdocs, and open to all staff. For those who don't know, Discord is an instant messaging and voice/video chat service with a focus on creating and developing communities.
    So far, the department Discord has been a great place for people to come together socially, play games and ask/answer work-related questions. It's a community that we're keen to keep growing and we are always welcoming to new people, so please consider joining. The invite link is:
    gravatar Simon Harper

    [ top ]Owning Your Research Project

    Laptops for PGRs

    The special process using an online survey we have been operating since last September’s cohort to request laptops for new PGR students is now CLOSED.  We had originally intended to run the scheme up to Christmas, but as it was so successful it was extended for the January cohort, including those who have arrived late.

    This coincides with the launch by IT Services within the past few weeks of a revised process for supplying laptops to both staff and PGR students.  For PGRs, the new process is described here,

    The second point above is a new development for IT Services; previously, whether a new PGR required a standard specification laptop (14” or 13” Windows 10 Laptop on the form) or a more powerful advanced spec (14” Professional Ultrabook) the cost was fully met by IT.  Now IT will fund only the cost of the standard spec, and the additional cost of an advanced model (at present £85) needs to be funded locally. This will now come from the Department and the Supervisor will contact the Head of the Department to arrange this extra.

    We are currently awaiting instructions related to desktop machines.

    gravatar Simon Harper

    [ top ]Wider Research Community


    There is increasing concern about the use of Sci-Hub by PGRs as a way of accessing scientific literature. The university is worried about cybersecurity issues associated with Sci-Hub and will be acting to block the site via its network.

    If they have problems accessing literature through more official routes you should inform your supervisors immediately who will be very happy to help and provide resources as necessary.

    gravatar Simon Harper

    Women in Computer Science Event

    The Student Experience team in collaboration with UniCS will be running a panel and social event for Women in Computer Science on Wednesday the 31st of March at 6pm. This event will include a start with a short panel, featuring female academics within the department and recently graduated alumni, who will talk about their experiences within Computer Science. UniCS will then run a social for women in computer science to socialise and get to know each other while playing online games.

    Sign up at:


    gravatar Simon Harper

    gravatar Simon Harper
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