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PGT course unit list (2022-2023)

Welcome week units

Taught units

COMP60332Automated Reasoning and VerificationSyllabus
(14 students)
COMP60411Modelling data on the webSyllabus
(72 students)
COMP60532Principles of Digital BiologySyllabus
(100 students)
COMP60542Introduction to Health InformaticsSyllabus
(98 students)
COMP60711Data EngineeringSyllabus
(78 students)
COMP60721Systems GovernanceSyllabus
(40 students)
COMP61011Foundations of Machine LearningSyllabus
(60 students)
COMP61021Representation LearningSyllabus
(57 students)
COMP61332Text MiningSyllabus
(97 students)
COMP61342Cognitive Robotics and Computer VisionSyllabus
(71 students)
(27 students)
COMP61421Cyber SecuritySyllabus
(27 students)
COMP62421Querying Data on the WebSyllabus
(75 students)
COMP63342Software SecuritySyllabus
(18 students)
COMP66090Masters ProjectSyllabus
(96 students)