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Research Students' Symposium 2015

The School of Computer Science Research Symposium 2015 will be held from November 3 - November 5, 2015, with an invited keynote by Dave Cliff; more details will be announced soon.

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Research Symposium 2015

Programme of the School of Computer Science Research Symposium 2015

Presentations are 20 minutes, with an additional 3 minutes for questions.

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015 - Kilburn 2.19

9:00-10:30 Multi-Core Computing, Session Chair: Javier Navaridas
  • Andrey Rodchenko:Virtualisation and High-Productivity for Many-Cores
  • James Knight: Biologically inspired memory systems
  • Jonathan Heathcote: How to build a super computer in 3,600 easy steps!
  • Andrew Mundyn: Real-time brain modelling with SpiNNaker
11:00-12:30 (Semantic) Data Management, Session Chair: Robert Stevens
  • Duhai Alshukaili: Towards pay-as-you-go integration of Linked Data search results. Assimilating syntactic and semantic evidences using Probabilistic Soft Logic
  • Viachaslau Sazonau: Learning Ontologies from Data in Description Logics
  • Zeqian Meng: Negotiation Protocol for Agile and Reliable E-Science Collaboration
  • Yizheng Zhao: Forgetting in Expressive Ontologies
14:00-15:30 Logic & Ontologies, Session Chair: Allan Ramsey
  • Ayoade Adeniyi: Controlled Natural Language with Temporal Features
  • Jared Leo: Capturing Temporal Aspects in Ontologies
  • Georgios Kourtis: The two-variable guarded fragment with key-constraints
  • Yegor Guskov: Decidability of satisfiability of two-variable fragments of first-order logic
16:00-17:30 Learning from Data, Session Chair: Jon Shapiro
  • Nikolaos Nikolaou: Asymmetric boosting algorithms: do we really need them?
  • Fabio Massimo Zennaro: Disentangling Emotional Information from Speech Signals via Representation Learning
  • Jon Parkinson: Using Temporal Coherence to encode object identity and position using a neural network

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - Kilburn 2.19

9:00-10:30 Simulation & Optimisation, Session Chair: tba
  • Zixu Liu: Integrated demand and supply side pricing optimization schemes and coordination mechanisms for the electricity market
  • Junyi Han: Automated Computational Steering on Dynamic Data-Driven Simulations
  • Andrew Webb: Optimal Selection for Evolvability in Evolutionary Algorithms
  • Bernard D'Antras: MAMBO64: Efficient translation of ARM programs to ARM64
11:00-12:30 Digital Biology, Session Chair: Markel Vigo
  • Xiao Fu: Linking Electronic Health Records with the Biomedical Literature
  • Jose L. Hernandez Dominguez: Building Models Of Small DNA Control Elements For Prediction Of Transcription Factor Activity
  • Ruth Stoney:Building Networks of Molecular Lego
  • Gabriel Sanchez Bautista: Three levels of access control to PHRs (Personal Health Records) in a healthcare cloud
14:00-15:30 Mobile & Distributed Computing, Session Chair: Nick Filer
  • Andrew Leeming: Applying Context-Awareness to Mobile Networks
  • Steve Miller: A Minimal Model for the Emergence of Cooperation in Randomly Growing Networks
  • Grzegorz Kozikowski: A parallel framework for sensitivity calculation and SDE model calibration using Multilevel Monte-Carlo and the Adjoint
  • Adel Binbusayyis: Trust-Aware Attribute-Based Encryption Schemes for Sharing Personal Health Records in Public Cloud
16:00-16:50 Software Engineering & Generation, Session Chair: Sean Bechhofer
  • Simone Di Cola: FX-MAN:A Component Model for Defining Software Product Families with Explicit Variation Points
  • Peizhi Shi: Real-time game generation and adaptation

Thursday,November 5, 2015 - Kilburn 2.19, 1.1, and LF

9:00-10:10 Mining & Learning from Data (2.19), Session Chair: Gavin Brown
  • Qian Wang: Towards Human Activity Recognition with Multiple Visual Representations and Semantic Learning
  • Harits Ar Rosyid: Adaptive Serious Educational Game
  • Adrian Stetco: Distributed soft partitional cluster analysis
11:00-12:30 Keynote and Prizes (1.1) , Session Chair: Jim Miles
  • Keynote talk: Dave Cliff, University of Bristol: Computer Science Isn't Boring, Actually: some public engagement stories
  • Best Thesis and Best Paper Prizes, John Edwards and Steve Legg, IBM UK Limited
12:30-15:00 Lunch and Poster Session (LF)
  • Abdelkhalik Mosa
  • Adrian Adewumni
  • Alan Davies
  • Athanasios Stratikopoulos
  • Ayesha Naureen
  • Bogdan Grigore
  • Chrysoula Zerva
  • Colin Caine
  • Colin Caine
  • Daniel Owen
  • Dena Alabbad
  • Duncan Goudie
  • Eleftherios Tatakis
  • Evie Andrew
  • Fahad Albogamy
  • Fernando Sanchez
  • Freya Duffy
  • Garibaldi Pineda Garcia
  • Gengting Liu
  • Hayder Al-Ghanimi
  • Henry Eleonu
  • Henry Reeve
  • Ibrahim Lahmer
  • Iliada Eleftheriou
  • Ioanna-Maria Alifieraki
  • Ioannis Papistas
  • James Clarkson
  • James Dyer
  • Julio Cortes Rios
  • Julio Vega Hernandez
  • Luca Minciullo
  • Luke Street
  • Malte Vesper
  • Manuele Reani
  • Mariam Alqasab
  • Marius Tudor Morar
  • Michael Akpoghiran
  • Michael Lee
  • Mingze Ma
  • Muhannad Almohaimeed
  • Nikola Milosevic
  • Nora Al-Garaawi
  • Oghenejokpeme Orhobor
  • Pin Shen T eh
  • Qian Liu
  • Raja Ebsim
  • Raul Jose Garcia Ordaz
  • Rehman Arshad
  • Riyadh Almutiry
  • Robert Irimias
  • Sarah Nogueira
  • Sebastian Werner
  • Sultan Alkhliwi
  • Valentino Hudhra
  • Vasileios Christou
  • Vitor Almedia
  • Yassar Almutairi
  • Ziyad Gideir

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