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Research Symposium 2016

Programme of the School of Computer Science Research Symposium 2016

The School of Computer Science Research Symposium 2016 will be held from November 1 - November 3, 2016. Below is an outline of the programme, which will be finalised soon. Student presentations are 20 minutes long, plus 2-3 minutes for questions.

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 - Kilburn 1.1

11:00-12:30 Keynote and Prizes (1.1) , Session Chair: Robert Stevens
  • Keynote talk: Gordon Blair, Lancaster University: The Changing Face of Computer Science
  • This talk will discuss significant changes in the nature of computer science research and implications this might have for the PhD process. Themes investigated will include the increasing importance of cross-disciplinary research, the benefits of 'in the wild' research and the strong emphasis on impact in research. The talk will conclude by looking at my own current work as an example of these trends, looking at the role of digital technology in supporting earth and environmental sciences as they grapple with the challenges of climate change.
  • Best Thesis and Best Paper Prizes, IBM UK Limited
12:30-15:00 Lunch and Poster Session (LF)
  • Nurzety Ahmad Azuan
  • Tariq Ahmad
  • Manal Albahlal
  • Waad Alhoshan
  • Haifa Alrdahi
  • Damian Arellanes Molina
  • Ainur Begalinova
  • Ghadah Binhadba
  • Guillermo Callaghan
  • Gabriel Fonseca Guerra
  • Dongjiao Ge
  • Serhat Gesoglu
  • Hashir Kiani
  • Ismael Quintana Avalos
  • Crefeda Rodrigues
  • Osman Simsek
  • Mashael Al-Jubairah
  • Muna Bin Othman
  • Chuan Jin
  • Oludamilare Matthews
  • Qinhao Wu
  • Paschalis Karalis
  • Pouya Adrom
  • Matthew Banks
  • Maksim Belousov
  • Oliver Blanthorn
  • Alex Bogatu
  • Konstantinos Faliagkas
  • Georgia Valeria Ionescu
  • Robert James
  • Ghader Kurdi
  • Mihaela Mazilu
  • Alina Neculae (Georgiana)
  • Richard Neill
  • Athanasios Pavlopoulos
  • Mike Phuycharoen
  • Amelia Pollard
  • Cameron Shand
  • Peter Thompson
  • Emily Turner
  • Danny Wood
  • Ioanna-Maria Alifieraki
  • Mariam Alqasab
  • Vasileios Christou
  • Raja Ebsim
  • Robert Irimias
  • Luca Minciullo
  • Oghenejokpeme Orhobor
  • Manuele Reani
  • Henry Reeve
  • Eleftherios Tatakis
  • Chrysoula Zerva

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 - Kilburn 1.5

9:00-10:30 Image Processing, Session Chair: Aphrodite Galata
  • Alan Davies: What can Eye-tracking tell us about how Clinicians View Electrocardiograms?
  • Riyadh Almutiry: Facial Behaviour Analysis for Clinical Applications
  • Duncan Goudie: 3D Hand Pose Estimation from Depth Images
  • Nora Al-Garaawi: Automatic Facial Expression Recognition System (AFERs)
11:00-12:30 Networks and Data Management, Session Chair: Nick Filer
  • Hayder Al-Ghanimi: A Replication Algorithm for a Peer-to-Peer Overlay Network using Knowledge of the Underlying Mobile Ad Hoc Network
  • Ayesha Naureen: Reliable and Energy Efficient Data Aggregation (R2EDA) in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)
  • Fernando Sanchez: Probabilistic Model for Improvement in Pay-as-you-go Data Integration
  • Iliada Eleftheriou: Data Journey Modelling: Predicting Risk for IT Developments
14:00-15:30 Unstructured Data and Security, Session Chair: Allan Ramsay
  • Dena Alabbad: Natural sounding synthetic speech for the Arabic language
  • Freya Duffy: Exemplar-Based Methods for Speaker Adaptation
  • Julio Cortes Rios: Efficient Feedback Collection for Pay-As-You-Go Source Selection
  • Pin Shen Teh: We are How We Touch: Towards Strengthening Mobile Device Authentication using Touch Dynamics Biometrics
16:00-17:30 Software Engineering and Optimisation, Session Chair: Sean Bechhofer
  • Abdelkhalik Mosa: Adaptive SLA-aware virtual machine consolidation in Clouds considering CPU and memory demands
  • Chen Qian: A New Way to Construct A Product Family Architecture
  • Rehman Arshad: Extracting Components from Legacy Code Using Reverse Engineering
  • Mingze Ma: Buffer Minimization for Rate-Optimal Scheduling of Synchronous Dataflow Graphs on Multicore Systems

Thursday, November 3, 2016 - Kilburn 1.5

9:00-10:30 Learning from Data, Session Chair: Session Chair: Gavin Brown
  • Nikola Milosevic: Information extraction from tables in biomedical literature
  • Julio Vega Hernandez: Monitoring Parkinson's Disease Using Smartphones and Behavioural Inferences
  • Sarah Nogueira: Measuring the Stability of Feature Selection
  • Qian Liu: STDP Training on Spiking Autoencoders
11:00-12:30 Multicore and Chip Design, Session Chair: Javier Navaridas
  • Garibaldi Pineda Garcia: Visual Pathway Simulation
  • Sebastian Werner: Efficient Optical Network-on-Chip Design
  • Athanasios Stratikopoulos: Energy Efficient Virtualisation for FPGAs in Heterogeneous Many-Cores
  • Ioannis Papistas: Design of Contactless Heterogeneous 3-D ICs
14:00-15:30 Hardware, Session Chair: Dirk Koch
  • James Clarkson: Tornado: GPU Acceleration of Java
  • Malte Vesper: Hardware pipelines on the Fly
  • Gengting Liu: High-speed communication between asynchronous and synchronous circuits
  • Raul Jose Garcia Ordaz: soft-NEON: A Study on Replacing the NEON Engine of an ARM SoC with a Reconfigurable Fabric

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