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Research Students' Symposium 2020/2021

The 2021 Computer Science PhD Symposium will be held on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd June. The symposium exists to give all PhD. students in Computer Science at Manchester the chance to present their work to the Department in the form of a conference-style short talk. It is a great opportunity---for both staff and students---to learn about some of the fascinating research being carried out in the Department, across all areas of the subject.

This year, the symposium will be held online, using Zoom.

In addition to the student talks, we are delighted to announce two star turns:

  • Prof. Gavin Brown (Department of Computer Science, University of Manchester) will give a talk on his new book on how to get a PhD.
  • Prof. Lawrence S. Moss (Department of Computer Science, University of Indiana, Bloomington) will be giving a talk entitled Automated Natural Language Inference

All staff and students are welcome.

Virtual Location: Zoom, meeting ID: 97680458847. There is no passcode; however, you will need to log into Zoom using your Manchester ID.

Recordings and Slides

Prof. Gavin Brown (Manchester University), How to get a PhD.

The talk is available for download, click here to download.

The slides for the talk are available for download, click here to download.


Wednesday 2nd June

    9:45--10:00 Welcome
    10:00--11:00 Talks (APT)
    11:00--11:30 Break
    11:30--12:45 Talks (FM +UM)
    12:45--14:00 Lunch
    14:00--15:00 Invited Talk: Prof. Gavin Brown (Manchester University), How to get a PhD.
    15:00--15:30 Break
    15:30--16:45 Talks (IMG)
    16:45--17:00 Break
    17:00--17:30 Open discussion forum: Share your experiences of PhD study at

Thursday 3rd June

    09:45--11:00 Talks (ML)
    11:00--11:30 Break
    11:30--12:30 Talks (APT+Nest)
    12:30--14:00 Lunch
    14:00--15:00 Invited talk: Prof. Larry Moss (Indiana University), Logic and the Challenge of Automated Natural Language Inference
    15:00--15:30 Break
    15:30--16:45 Talks (NLP)
    16:45--17:00 Close and Announcement of Prizes.

Detailed Schedule of talks

2nd June

10:00--11:00 (APT)
Kaspar Mätas: Accelerating database management systems with dynamic stream processing
Mollie Ward: Modelling multi-compartment neurons on neuromorphic hardware
Igor Wodiany: Dynamic Offloading of Binaries to Accelerators
Edward Jones: Spiking Neural Networks for Radioisotope Identification

11:30--12:45 Talks (FM +UM)
Talgar Bayan: Blockchain and Privacy
André Duarte: Theory reasoning in iProver
Daniel Mróz: A discrete homotopy theory
Mohammed Alhamadi: User Modelling and Adaptive Interaction on Interactive Dashboards
Alexander Hambley: Empirical Web Accessibility Evaluation for Blind Web Users

15:30--16:45 Talks (IMG)
Ismail Al Salti: A secure and efficient framework for topology discovery in Software-Defined Networks (SDNs)
Kamil Erdayandi: Privacy-Friendly Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading: A Game Theoretical Approach
Mengya Li: Secure Key Generation for Vehicle Authentication in Internet-of-Vehicles Environment
Jake Saunders: Epidemiological Agent-Based Model Granularity
Ahmad Zareie: Diffusion in social networks

3rd June

09:45--11:00 Talks (ML)
Jiyong Lee: Muti-scale feature fusion for Temporal Action Localisation
Maksymilian Wojtas: Feature Importance Rankings for Deep Learning
Jie Zhang: Reinforcement Learning based Recommender System
Mona Alkhozae: Machine Learning for Multiple Distributed Data Resources
Peter Stringer: Adaptable and Verifiable BDI Reasoning

11:30--12:30 Talks (APT+Nest)
Abdullah Alghamdi: Fault-tolerance in multi-chip system
Konstantinos Iordanou: SimAcc: A configurable simulator for customized accelerators on CPU-FPGAs SoCs
Meg Smith: Exploring spin-transfer and spin-orbit torque through magnetic tunnel junctions
Aayush Chadha: Flexible contact lens based photodetectors using 2D materials

15:30--16:45 Talks (NLP+AI)
Panagiotis Georgiadis: Document level Event Extraction
Erxue Min: Misinformation Detection on Social Media
Laura Vasquez Rodriguez: Text Simplification: Evaluation & Methods
Chris Worth: Technology to aid behaviour change in paediatric hypoglycaemia
Jiarun Cao: Mutation and disease discovery from cancer literature